The Not-So-Perfect-Pastor’s-Wife

"The joy of the LORD is my strength!" Neh 8:10
“The joy of the LORD is my strength!” Neh 8:10

When I was in first grade I knew God was calling me to be a missionary.

When I was in sixth grade I wondered if God might be calling me to be a missionary school teacher who competed in gymastics and drove a semi-truck on the weekends.

When I was a senior in high school I decided on becoming a school teacher- high school math, to be exact, and a girls basketball coach.

When I was in college I switched majors to study Bible teaching and spent time working with juvenile offenders at the detention center.

When we were in New Orleans God allowed me to teach high school English along with speech, drama, and music.

When we moved to the Appalachian mountains I found myself teaching middle school, organizing a library, writing children’s church curriculum, and directing kids’ choir!

Finally I embraced my calling as a pastor’s wife and have been exploring creative ministry, leading women’s Bible studies, organizing big events, and trying to find time to write down all that God is teaching me.

As a teenager I did not dream big enough. My plans for my life kept me close to home doing the things that were most familiar. Today my dreams are much bigger, and even these big dreams are not daunting because I serve an even bigger God! Today God is weaving together all the training and experiences He has led me through and is using them to allow me to speak and write and teach women the truth of His Word in creative ways. I love how God is able to use the weak things (me!) and the ordinary things (life) to show us Who He is and what He wants for us.

Join me as we continue on this journey~ learning from everyday observations about life & leading in new and creative ways!

Use the tabs at the top of the page for a sampling of my thoughts about specific areas of ministry. Or use the list below to find my writings about a particular topic. And if you would like me to speak at an upcoming event for your church or ministry, please contact me using the information at the top of the page.

Because of HIM<

Stephanie 🙂

The Shouse Family Christmas 2014
The Shouse Family Christmas 2014

4 thoughts on “The Not-So-Perfect-Pastor’s-Wife

  1. Thank you, thank you,thank you!

    I am that unconventional pastors Wife and it’s taken me almost 1p years to be ok with that.

    Reading your blog was therapeutic.



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