Getting Started

So, I’ve been dying to start writing a blog for a while now. I even hoped I would be writing officially for another pastor’s wives blog whose writer was changing jobs. But, alas, that was not to be. It seems that every day I think of something creative and thought-provoking that would make a great blog post…but there is no blog. I end up spilling all my thoughts out to my husband…usually while he’s trying to relax in front of a ballgame…Not the most receptive audience. When I mentioned starting a blog his first reaction was sarcasm: “Just what you need- something else to do.” But that was quickly followed by relief when he realized he could simply read my deep and wonderful thoughts on his own time and have his Sunday afternoons uninterrupted…at least as uninterrupted as possible in a pastor’s house.

So, it begins. I’m not sure if this is the site I will continue to use, and I’m not sure how often I will write. I don’t even know if anyone will read my thoughts. But at least they will be out of my head which will leave room for more important things like the password I need to log onto this site… If you read this, please make a comment so I will know if anyone is reading. And feel free to dish out any blogging tips you may have. I’m new enough to this that I’ll willingly listen to your advice. No guarantees for advice dished out a month from now…( =


8 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! I love this design and your angel picture, but most of all, I love you and cannot wait to hear more! Most of all, have fun! Don’t worry about offending folks with your comments. You do that all the time just being a pastor’s wife, and saying nothing. ; } So go ahead and say what you think. Paul in the Bible did. Love you lots like dippin dots!


  2. Bless you sweet sister for doing right when it feels crummy and is easier to stay silent. Such a hard lesson and one I am learning and working on too!


  3. I have just found your blog. I’m starting from the beginning. As a pastor’s wife myself, I am really looking forward to reading it.


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