Doing Hard Things

So this is not what I was how I wanted to start my blog. I fully intended to keep things light at first. You know, talking about issues such as helping your kids not feel like PK’s or killing plants on the altar…and I’m sure we’ll get to those topics later. However, I determined from the beginning that I would write what God puts on my heart and today it is about doing hard things.

A few months ago my husband and I bought my oldest daughter, who is in middle school, a new book by ALEX AND BRETT HARRIS called “Doing Hard Things.” It was addressing the need for teens to step out and do something worthwhile with their lives instead of just coasting along. It is a challenge for all of us to do what is right—even when it’s hard.

Recently, I’ve had to do some hard things: organize my office, tackle the mountain of laundry, confront a church member living in sin… Yeah, not what I was expecting either. I was thinking this week was going to be rather routine until yesterday. God had been putting someone in my path that He wanted me to speak truth to. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that I avoid confrontation about as much as I avoid little children with runny noses or  the pile of dirty clothes squeezed behind the bathroom door. But I think God is trying to teach me that He is strong enough to help me through the hard things. I’ve been through hard things: money issues, loneliness, the annual church budget meeting, but I’ve always drawn comfort from the fact that those hard things were happening through no fault of my own. DOING hard things often causes harder things to happen, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.

Last night when I knew what God wanted me to do, I felt my inner self stomp her little foot and say (in a rather pouty voice) “I don’t wanna!” But I knew I would regret not obeying the Voice of God. So, I did the hard thing: I said what God told me to say; I called her out. And, surprisingly enough, she didn’t punch me or throw me out of her house! God had prepared her heart to hear His truth and brought me to her at just the right time.  Looking at it now, it wasn’t as hard as I expected. God gave me the words, the voice, and a real sense of His presence even thought my hands were shaking. It puts real life to the verse that says “His strength is made perfect in my weakness.”

So what hard things have you had to do lately? Sit with a friend being treated for cancer? Stay silent during a business meeting, keep the nursery during cold and flu season? What things are hard for you, and how has God given you what you need to do those hard things?


2 thoughts on “Doing Hard Things

  1. My hard thing just happened a couple of days ago. My husband and I are adopting and I needed to go to a birthmother support group put together by our agency. I wasn’t required to go, but I knew that God wanted me to be there. I was so nervous and worried and stressed up to the time that I walked in the door of the event and then God just put a peace and calmness over me. The support group was great and very encouraging to me to see all the women who are involved in adoption at the same place, eating and talking and laughing together. It it true that God gives us grace right when we need it.


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