I don’t have time to write much this morning. My husband and I are leaving for the Kentucky Baptist Convention‘s annual meeting in about an hour. The weekend was really busy (as usual) and I basically forgot to pack…Yeah, I know that’s bad. But Saturday I got myself and the family up early to clean the house because men from the church were coming over to make some much-needed repairs on the parsonage. We worked for several hours until I discovered that they weren’t coming. I was so disgusted that I just sat down and watched TV the rest of the afternoon. (disgusted may be too harsh of a word, but I’m in a hurry and didn’t get much sleep, and the thesaurus in my brain is not working yet…) Anyway, I did get the house clean and the laundry caught up on Saturday, so it wasn’t a total waste. Then Sunday was full of church services, creative ministry, lunch with friends, Christmas program practice, and a little football. It wasn’t until last night after church that I realized that I still needed to pack! I did as much as I could last night, but I was too exhausted mentally to do much good. So, in the next hour this morning I need to finish packing my stuff, make sure my two girls are packed separately, take care of the dog, clean out my Jeep, wash a few dishes, and get the kids out the door and on the bus. Yet here I am…writing a blog. That’s just how I roll.

So, to give you something to do on today’s blog I have a poll. Give me your response and feel free to post a comment telling me about how you procrastinate so I won’t feel so bad. ( =

PS…I don’t want to waste too much more time trying to figure out how to post the poll on here, so here’s the question and feel free to post your answer in the comments section. I’ll transfer you answers to an actual poll when I get back from convention…

Poll Question:  How often should a blog be updated?

Daily?  Once a week?  Once a month? Only when the writer has something good to say? Other?


6 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. I’m not sure, once every week would be great for me. I love reading your stuff. But I wouldn’t want it to become a chore.
    I am the most productive procrastinator. When there is something really dreadful to do, like taxes or clean the bathroom, I do everything else I have been puting off first. Basically I have a mental list of what needs to be done and I put the crappiest at the bottom. The closer I get to that dreaded project, the more stuff I add to the list. “I really need to repaint that old building in the back…” Next thing you know, I’m acomplishing things that I had no intention of doing inorder to avoid the thing I hate the most that day. It’s kind of a helpful. You’ll never see my house as clean as the day I needed to go talk to a former employer.=)


    • That’s EXACTLY how I am! I’d rather organize my desk rather than finish a project I’m worried about for church, I’d rather wash dishes instead of cleaning off my desk, and I’d rather work on my project for church when what I really need to do is wash those dirty dishes! ( = So very true! Thanks for reading my stuff. ( =


    • I have several blogs I love to read which post something new every day. I really wanted to do that at first, but I’m finding that to not be so easy. I think I’ll go with your suggestion and just write when God puts something in my heart to say. Thanks for reading!


  2. I say update the blog when you want to and don’t worry if it’s not on a scheduled time frame. When something is a “have to” it’s no longer fun or enjoyable. Kindof like how I don’t like to bake for my job, but when I have a day off I usually end up baking something for someone who doesn’t expect it and I really like doing it. (what’s that about?)
    Oh, and I don’t procrastinate, I plan on purpose to do things at the last possible minute. So if I did things ahead of time, I would be an over achiever, and no body likes an over achiever.


    • Well, I learned my lesson about putting things off to the last minute. After writing this blog I got myself ready, the girls’ things packed, and the kitchen cleaned. Then I woke the girls up to get ready for school. Turns out, Kianna was sick and couldn’t go to school. Nana agreed to keep her for us. Then Mykaela missed the bus and Jeff had to take her to meet her bus at the elementary school. When he got back I was packed and ready. We jumped in the Jeep and took off down the road- free at last! 15 minutes later I realized that I still had Mykaela’s bag in the backseat, and we had to turn around and drop it off at her friend’s house where she was staying that night.

      Probably should’ve planned ahead…( =


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