The Best Christmas Program EVER

Cover of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever...

Cover of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

I was subbing in third grade recently and thoroughly enjoyed reading that book “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” by Barbara Robinson. I skimmed through it during my 30 minute lunch “break” while sorting worksheets for the afternoon, grading spelling tests and shoveling my food in as fast as I could before the students returned…but that’s another story. Anyway, the thing I loved most about this book is the fact that these hoodlum kids came into the church Christmas program that was planned to perfection. But instead of ruining it, they helped make it into the best Christmas pageant ever (…hence the title).

I, personally, like to have a plan for everything. I grew up in a family whose mantra is “Lists are our friends” and whose first question to one another every morning was “So, what’s the plan for today?” It’s not a bad thing to have a plan…unless you’re married to it. I’m not talking about my husband…though he actually prefers NOT to have a plan, which was cause for many a “discussion” in our early years of marriage. No, what I mean is that I’m learning that while having a plan is not a bad thing…we shouldn’t be so “married to” the plan that we lose sight of what is important. My husband often tells our congregation he imagines that God laughs when we tell Him our plans. Too true. Being a pastor’s wife was not part of my plan for my life…neither was living in Kentucky…But it was part of God’s plan and I wouldn’t trade His plan for anything.

I’m trying to make myself believe that God has a plan for everything…even Christmas programs. I mean, I can say I believe that to be true, but then I make my own plans without talking to Him about it. I worry when things don’t go according to my plan. I make my plan more important than God and the people He loves. This year is going to be different. I started with a plan for Christmas, but I talked with God about it the whole time I was making my plans. I’ve even changed plans as I felt God leading. I was feeling pretty good about it all. Then God said to heaven: “Hey, y’all, watch this!” And all the plans I thought I held loosely were blown away by His awesome power…At least I hope it’s His power that’s blowing away all my plans…( =

Unexpected twists and turns, new technology, strange weather, untraditional traditions, canceled practices, births, deaths, sickness, rambunctious youth, extra children, homemade costumes, and yard sale decorations are all (apparently) part of God’s plan this year and (hopefully) make for the best Christmas program ever!

Spottsville Baptist Church Christmas Program 2009

Have you had your Christmas program yet? Did it go according to plan? Ours is this weekend…praying it goes according to somebody’s plan…preferably God’s…( =


One thought on “The Best Christmas Program EVER

  1. In the words of the famous philosopher, BJ Barakus, “I love it when a plan comes together!”
    I also love it when His strength is made perfect in our weakness. I heard a verse from Him this morning, “The stone that the builders rejected became our cornerstone.”
    Men throw stuff out b/c it’s not good enough. God takes rejected things, and people, and builds greatness upon them. Amazing!
    So glad that at least one Christmas pageant this year will be about what He wants! Thanks for allowing Him to use your strengths and weaknesses. I’m sure the people involved will feel much more like worshipping when it’s all said and done!


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