Whew! The last two weeks have been quite a blur!

Christmas program, parties, family gatherings, SNOW, traveling to NC…in the snow, staying up late talking, New Year’s Eve party, housecleaning, visiting with missionary friends, church…and now back to “normal” life…whatever that is.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I’ve really missed writing on the blog and have thought of all sorts of interesting topics to talk about…but then I forgot what they were because my brain is so tired tha

t I can’t even remember my own name…I just answer to whatever at the moment…

So I was going to jump in here on the computer and write down all my great ideas, but I felt like I needed to explain why I haven’t written in a while. And when I sat down to write, I discovered that I can’t focus very well due to being extremely tired as well as the fact that cleaning house hours before our friends were coming to visit

left my office in extreme

disarray… I’ve been working on getting my computer ready for Skype and other video chatting activities, but I’m embarrassed at what people will see in the background behind me. So I’m giving myself two goals: get the office semi-clean before writing the next “real” blog post and rearrange my office so my webcam faces the clean side of the office before Skyping anyone.

With those goals in place I hope it will motivate me to

This could be me if you added a mountain of laundry to the floor!

get cracking on the piles of clutter that is spilling off my desk and on to the floor enabling me to write more effectively…or at least without having to hold a stack of “to-be-filed” papers on my lap so I can get to the keyboard…And I hope to have accomplished the first goal soon enough that I don’t forget the few good ideas I have left rattling around in my head…

Until then, thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing how your holiday season went and how you stay organized in the midst of your busyness. ( =


One thought on “Whew!

  1. Glad your blur included lots of fun! Ours did too. The most fun was sitting sipping coffee with our toes in the sand…… never mind that the sand was from all the snow tracked in! Sure was a wonderful Christmas! Miss you already!


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