All or Nothing

My Daddy is a cook and his motto seems to be “If a little cheese is good, then a lot of cheese is better.” My husband agrees, but takes it to a whole ‘nother level. The other day he bought new light bulbs to go over the mirror in the bathroom. He told me he didn’t see why he should pay $.98 for 60 watt bulbs when he could get 100 watts for the same price. His thinking was that if 60 watts is good, then 100 watts must be better… Let’s just say that I’ll be picking up the light bulbs from now on because it’s hard to put on mascara when you’re wearing sunglasses…

I know we’ve talked about mottos before so I won’t go on too much about it, but I’ve learned that my husband’s motto of “all or nothing” is becoming part of who I am these days. Last year at this time we began pulling away from our church and community. We felt like God was getting ready to move us and we began to withdraw. We had been hurt and hurt always makes me want to hide behind my natural shell. I stopped doing some of the ministries that had been close to my heart; I backed off from potential friendships; we didn’t plan anything major for our family or ministry. It was like we had one foot in and one foot out. It was a terrible way to live!  Through a series of events that could only have been directed by God, we are still here…the same place we were last year…only with a very different attitude. Now we’re all in. We KNOW this is where we’re supposed to be now and are excited about what God is going to do this year. It feels so good to be fully committed to our life again. I can’t imagine being “lukewarm” on a regular basis. God Himself would rather us be all or nothing…hot or cold…in or out. One of the most frustrating things about ministry is watching people play church or remain half-hearted in their relationship with Christ.

My prayer this year is that the people around us would realize how much better life is when you’ve completely given yourself over to God and His will. That we would stop wading in the shallows and dive headlong into His plan for our lives…go hard or go home…all or nothing! (I was gonna add “fish or cute bait” but figured that would be one too many clichés…) ( =

I’ll leave you with a song that is one of my oldest daughter’s favorites. It’s not your typical PW music…but then again, we’re not a typical preacher’s family…but we’ll save that for another blog…( =

Go Hard or Go Home by Lecrae


One thought on “All or Nothing

  1. Limbo is not a happy land…. unless it involves a broom and a backbend dance with steel drum music. Glad you are out of that terrible place!


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