Stealing Is (Sometimes) A Good Thing

OK…so I’m stealing my post today from an article I read in Lifeway‘s HomeLife Magazine. The article entitled “10 Things You May Not Know About Your Pastor” was so good! I decided to put it on here so more people could read it. If you’re a PW, I hope it encourages you, and if you’re not, I hope it gives you a little insight into the life of your pastor. Personally I’m thinking of getting a few of these things tattooed on my body somewhere so I’ll have it handy to show people who need to be enlightened…( =


1. He loves you…and not just because it’s part of his job. Your words of encouragement mean so much because they come from people he really cares about.

2. He gets frustrated because most of his church family thinks he’s the first to know everything when often he’s the last. He could use your help in this area.

3. He understands that you don’t agree with everything he does. But sometimes he must do things a certain way for the greater good.

4. You fill him with overwhelming joy when he sees God bringing His work to completion in you.

5. He wants you to really know and love the Gospel, to have a genuine love for one another, and to have your life shaped by the grace of God.

6. He doesn’t expect you to be perfect and he is acutely aware that he’s not.

7. For every sermon you think he bombed, he thinks he bombed twice as many. Knowing that he shouldn’t try to be a people pleaser but wanting his church family to be encouraged and engaged is hard to balance. Pray for him.

8. Sometimes he has no idea what he’s doing. Things often come up for which seminary doesn’t train you. Sometimes, by the grace of God, he gets it right. Sometimes, he swings and misses, and it’s scary to be in such a position.

9. It bothers him when he can’t make your situation better. He knows God is in control and that He alone can change things. But when the answers to his prayers aren’t coming, it breaks his heart for you and he would do almost anything to fix things if he could.

10. He wants, more than anything else, for your labor to bring honor and glory to God. His calling as a pastor often terrifies him because he knows his own inadequacies better than anyone else. He longs for the church family he serves to get it right because he loves God and he loves you.

Pray for your pastor, or your pastor-husband, today. Monday’s are often the hardest because of spending all week gearing up for Sunday. Often there is a let-down even if the response or events on Sunday are good. Pray, today, that your pastor/husband will be bold and confident in his calling and equipping from God, that he will have wisdom to deal with the needs in his people’s lives, and that your life (and the life of others) will be an encouragement to him this week. What else would you suggest we pray for our pastors/husbands?

*This article was written by Stephen Cavness…the pastor of Cave City Baptist Church in Cave City, KY, and was published in the January 2011 issue of HOMELIFE Magazine.


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