Lessons from an Ice Storm

So we’re facing yet another snow day, and I found myself complaining a little about all the bad weather lately. Then I remembered The Ice Storm of 2009. In case you don’t live in KY, we had the most brutal ice storm I’ve ever experienced a couple of winters ago.

Snow Days at the Shouse House

It was so bad that we basically missed the entire month of January. Trees crashed into houses, major roads were closed, and we were without electricity for 17 days!  The first few days we stayed with various friends and relatives, mooching off of their gas or kerosene heaters. Finally we decided to return to our own home. It was so cold that first night. Both girls, my husband and I all piled into the king-sized bed in our room with every blanket, sleeping bag, and beach towel we owned along with every candle left to be had at Wal-Mart. We slept as best we could but the temperature in that room dipped down into the 40’s. It was miserable. We had no way of getting warm: no warm food, no hot water…Wait- did I say no hot water?

Oh, yeah. We discovered later that we actually DID have hot water. Our hot water heater is gas-powered and, therefore, we could have taken a hot shower any time we wanted during the ice storm. Instead we went the entire 17 days being cold and traveling great distances to “borrow” a shower from someone else. (In our defense…we live in a parsonage and had only lived there a couple of years. We don’t receive any of the utility bills or take care of any repairs, so we had no way of knowing…right?) That is so bad. We went through all that for no reason.

But isn’t the same true for our spiritual existence? We go about our daily lives struggling to do things on our own, in our own strength, when we actually have a great Source of power directly within our grasp. We try to get over our own hurts when the Healer is standing beside us. We stand in the bitter cold of this world when our Father longs to gather us into his warm embrace. Why do we do that? Maybe we just don’t know what is available to us…or maybe we’ve forgotten.

I’m sure that I will not forget that I have hot water available the next time we lose power in an ice storm!


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