Necessary Equipment will be Provided (a guest post by my fabulous Mama)

My sweet husband is taking me out of town this week for a much needed getaway. Hope you enjoy this guest post from my mom- a godly woman in ministry who taught me so much of what I know.

Me & Mama October 2010

I wrote a prayer in my Bible one day by this verse.“And now may the God of peace, Who brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, equip you with all you need for doing His will.”           -Hebrews 13:20

I remember feeling stuck in a life that was good, but not really all it should be.  I had all these creative juices flowing and nowhere to use them. My job was one of ministry, but basically clerical. I tried each day to lift others up, but felt so busy with the necessary that the important seemed stuck on a back burner. So I asked the Lord to help me figure out a way to unearth my talents, if I had somehow buried them without even knowing it. That’s when the above verse became a prayer. I ended the prayer with, “I don’t know where to begin. Please equip me. Thanks ahead of time.” Shortly after that, my job began to be unsatisfying and frustrating. The creative stuff I was used to doing was given to another. The mundane clerical necessary junk was multiplied. But in my thinking, I couldn’t leave. I had been there almost 20 years. It was comfortable. And besides Lord, I’m old. You know I’m in my mid-fifties and it’s hard for us old dogs to learn new tricks. So I struggled.

Then a year after praying for God to equip me to use my creativity, a friend presented a new job/ ministry idea. I didn’t recognize it as an answer to prayer, but a very scary prospect. Often I said to myself, “I can’t do this. I am not smart enough. I don’t have the strength or knowhow to pull this off.” But by then I did have wisdom enough to know the Lord was taking me out of my current job. So I turned in my notice, took the kids’ pictures off my office wall, and walked away with a smile… and a wounded soul. “You’re not sharp enough for this or anything else,” the enemy whispered.

Later I came across this verse again. A closer look gave me hope. No wonder I didn’t have peace. I was depending on my abilities, which are VERY limited. Well looky there. It’s God Who equips me. And it says, “…with ALL you need for doing His will.” Wowee.  That is some good news right there. He will equip me. Maybe that’s why He becomes our God of peace when we realize doing His will doesn’t depend on our knowhow, but on resting in Him. I feel a three point sermon coming on!

By the POWER He used to raise Christ from the dead, He PROVIDES what I need to do great things for Him. And then by resting in His great power and provision there is wonderful PEACE! Praise God!

Lord, I’m resting in You because You are powerful and I am not. Thank you ahead of time for providing all I need to honor you with all my talents, or lack thereof. You are amazing!

“May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ all that is pleasing to Him.”  -Heb. 13:20b


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