Can Zumba Be Worshipful? :)

In writing this blog I often feel like I should only write about deep spiritual issues. But I’m trying to write more often and I’m just not that spiritual…( = Actually, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make each post well-written and meaningful to everyone who reads it. That’s why there’s often a week or two between posts…I think of a lot of things to write but it never seems good enough to actually post.

But I read a blog about GRACE this week that really spoke to me and made me realize that I need to learn to give myself more grace than I do. It’s OK to do things without worrying about them being perfect. I don’t need to be all things to all people…I just need to be me and stop worrying so much…

So, that leads me to writing a blog that has very little spiritual significance but it what’s on my mind today. ( =

I dodged a bullet last night. I was really worried, but I just barely survived another week. I still weigh less than all the “Biggest Loser” contestants. Whew! I don’t want to see those people step on a scale and watch the number pop up on the screen and it be less than the number on my own scale. That’s motivation for me to get it in gear and exercise this week because my life is no “Biggest Loser” ranch and I am not capable of dropping 5-10 pounds in a week. In fact, I did the P90X program for about 2 months and only lost a total of 10 pounds. My husband has been really working hard and has lost a lot of weight. The other day he asked to borrow my jeans because his were too big. After picking him up off the floor and apologizing for making him bleed… I went out and got a Zumba video and some rice cakes.

My husband can cut back on his calories, drink water, and lose a couple pounds a week. I can eat less than him, exercise every day and stay exactly the same size.  Of course, he does work out his abs by laughing at me doing Zumba….

This is possibly what my glorified body will look like one day in heaven

For those of you who don’t know me…I was raised in a very conservative church/school where Steve Green was “rockin'” and any type of dancing was “of the debil!” Plus, while I have a lot of soul…it does not extend to my body. I am very white. So this Zumba thing is quite interesting. I’m shaking things that have never shook before. But (as my sister is fond of saying) it’s not the shaking that’s the problem…it’s getting it
to STOP shaking…( = So, my family has strict orders not to enter the living room when Mom is working out. It’s embarrassing enough without their added sarcastic commentary. (speaking of sarcasm…I think someone needs to invent a “sarcastic font” that can be used in blogs, facebook & e-mails that is the universal indicator of sarcasm…that would cut down on a lot of trouble for me…but that’s a whole ‘nother subject…) Anyway, this Zumba thing is SO. MUCH. FUN! I love dancing! I love moving to the music. I love letting go of all my worries, forgetting about appearances, and swaying, kicking, and, yes, shaking, with joyful abandon.

I hope that when I get to heaven my official job will be dancing before the throne of God. I’ve come to love dancing but dancing in heaven will be better because my glorified body will be so much more flexible and less jiggly. Plus it may be tan and blond… and I know my husband won’t be able to fit in my heavenly jeans!


3 thoughts on “Can Zumba Be Worshipful? :)

  1. I can totally identify with this post! I grew up conservative, and I am currently doing P90X – periodically with my husband. I love Zumba too! I would love to connect with you and your group online, when it works out. Thanks for your ministry!


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