Here’s Your Sign

Have you ever driven by a church sign and wondered “What in the world were they thinking?!”  Thankfully our church sign just has our pertinent information (i.e. service times & phone number) and doesn’t change with the mood of the person in charge of those big plastic letters on the marquee. In preparation for this blog post I’ve been carrying around a notebook so I can write down the crazy church signs as I drive around, and it’s been quite interesting…( = Some of my favorites follow:

On one side the sign reads: “What are you going to do for God in the New Year?” on the other side it says: “Try walking on water”.

“Need to know how to get to heaven? King James road map inside”

“Be kind to your enemies…it messes with their heads”

“Go Cats!” (the major religion in Kentucky is UK basketball…)

<—Narrow Way (arrow pointing at their own church) —> Broad Way (arrow pointing at the church across the street)

The best one was one I saw on the internet. Two churches got into a “war of words” and someone caught it on camera. Below is how it went down.

















































































Are you cracking up?!? I know I am! However, after the laughter subsided I started thinking about how we Christians so often undermine our message with our pettiness…But…I’m not going to get all preachy on you today. No, today is about laughing at ourselves just a little bit. ( = I’d love to hear about the crazy church signs in your neck of the woods. Share some of your favorites by commenting below! Who knows…if you have a picture you may become You Tube famous! ( =


2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Sign

  1. Thanks for the laugh, Stephanie! Our church’s sign also just has the name and times of services, even that was a challenge to get “right”, I can’t imagine what comments people would have if it changed every week! 🙂


  2. No rocks in heaven?!

    Just tonight my 6-year-old said she hopes that lots of strawberries grow in heaven so we can eat them all day long. But I suppose if there are no rocks, there’s probably no dirt, so no strawberries…

    I’ll take the heaven with rocks, strawberries and dogs, thanks!


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