Daffodil field in South East Cornwall

Field of Buttercups (aka Daffodils)

Springtime is my favorite time of the whole year! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing…and there’s lots and lots of basketball! (I live in KY and while the entire world is wearing green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, The Commonwealth is wearing blue in honor of the UK basketball game today.)

I love cheering for the underdog, watching the “cinderella” team win out over the bigger schools during the NCAA tournament. It reminds me that appearances aren’t everything and that anything is possible. Often in ministry I look for God to work in the way I expect. I expect Him to work during Sunday morning worship service, spring revival weeks, and Vacation Bible School. But often He decides to surprise us and work through a hospital waiting room, breakfast at a local restaurant, or a walk through the neighborhood. Sometimes His working is not obvious to us. We don’t have record numbers in Sunday school or dozens of people walking the aisle during the invitation. We don’t even get to actually sit down and share the Gospel outright with someone very often. Sometimes it feels like we’re just treading water: living our everyday life, trying to make a difference but not really getting anywhere.

The other day I found a beautiful picture of a yard full of one of my favorite flowers: buttercups (or daffodils for you fancy people out there) ( = These sweet yellow flowers are starting to bloom all over the place here in KY. They are usually some of the first signs of spring and fill me with a sense of hope every time I see them. This picture shows thousands of these flowers filling the yard of an old farmhouse. These flowers are grown from bulbs, not seeds, so planting them is quite tedious. When the woman who lives in the house was asked how she was able to fill her yard with so much beauty, she replied, “One bulb at a time.”

How very profound. Each person I encounter is important to God. Each time I touch someone’s life makes a difference. I must remember to be faithful to plant “one bulb at a time” and I can look forward to the beautiful results in God’s own perfect time.

So, is it warm where you live? What is your favorite part of spring?


3 thoughts on “!Springtime!

  1. How encouraging! I know that now whenever I see those pretty spring flowers not only will I be happy that spring is coming, but I will think about this and remember that the whole field isn’t planted in a day and I just need to be faithful to plant the one in front of me.
    Thanks for this


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