A House Divided

I’ve already mentioned here that I LOVE March Madness. But my worst fears have been realized: UNC & UK must play each other to see who gets into the Final Four in the NCAA tournament. I am originally from North Carolina and have been a Tarheel fan my whole life. But I’ve lived in Kentucky for almost 10 years and when you live in The Commonwealth for any length of time they will convert you. It has been said that the state religion is UK basketball and the fans here are unlike any I’ve ever met. I always wear UK blue on game day and they let me cheer on my Tarheels most of the time. But this time is different. Now these two teams are playing each other in a crucial game. Time will stand still on Sunday afternoon…the phone will not ring, children will not run through the neighborhood, dogs will not bark…church will probably start later so everyone can watch the end of the game (unless we decide to show the game at church…). And I will be one tiny Tarheel in the middle of The Big Blue Nation.

A House Divided



My husband and I are opposites in just about every way. He is for UK and I’m for UNC. He is a  night person and I am a morning person. He is task oriented and I’m a people person. He is bold and I am more unobtrusive. He loves new things and I like routine. He likes the city and I prefer the country. You could look at us and say that opposites do attract.

However, we are very alike on the things that are most important. We want Christ to be the center of our life. God’s Word dictates how we live. Ministry is a team effort. All or nothing, go hard or go home, live fearlessly, love God with everything you are, obey Him even when it hurts. I can’t  imagine being in ministry with someone who does not share my same passion for God and faith in His goodness. I can’t imagine a pastor trying to minister to a church without his wife being fully behind him. I can’t imagine trying to live my life devoted to God if my husband was not committed to doing the same.

God put us together for a reason. He knows that we can accomplish more together than we ever could on our own. The Bible says that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” If your house is spiritually divided I pray that God will work His will in your life until you are united under Him. And if you could pray for me while the ballgame is going on tomorrow I’d sure appreciate that, too. 🙂



2 thoughts on “A House Divided

  1. hey…did you notice that you can see the back of your heads in the mirror behind you guys? 🙂 I thought that was cool! 🙂


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