Fun for Free

This has to be a really quick post because this week is Spring Break! My girls spent the first two days of their vacation at their Nana & Papaw’s house where I’m sure they filled up on candy, stayed up late, and watched more tv than they have all year. They will be home the rest of the week, and I’m really looking forward to spending time with them and making fun memories.

One problem: we have zero cash…no running around money to help make this week special. So many of my girls’ friends are gone to the beach or Holiday World or on other trips this week. We’re planning a big road trip for this summer, but that means all our funds are going towards saving for that.

So, I’m looking for cheap fun that does not require a lot of travel. I know that not many local ladies read my blog (that’s intentional so that I don’t have to change the names in my stories to protect the innocent…) 🙂 But I would love to know what you do with your family for fun when money is tight. So far, I’m planning a trip to the library and a picnic at one of the local parks. I also think we need to have a Wii day where we dance/bowl/ice skate until our batteries die. My worry, though, is that those things will only take up one day…and I have 4 days to fill. (The 5th day of spring break will be spent doing laundry and housework since I will be too busy having fun to do it earlier in the week, and they will need clothes to wear to school come Monday…)

All ideas, hints, anecdotes, downloads, and personal checks are welcome! (I just threw that last one in for good measure in case all your ideas require money and you want to donate to the cause…) 🙂

Now, I’m off to have some fun! Happy Spring, y’all!


3 thoughts on “Fun for Free

  1. look at your local tourism website. We live in Lancaster County PA and when I go to their tourism website, there is a section there for free activities and events. So, maybe you can find some things under your local area’s tourism website. I don’t know how old your kids are, but you could ask them for ideas too and let each child plan an activity and make that day their day. Like, if I was going to do that w/my kids, I’d ask Michaela for some things that she’d like to do and then announce to them all that Mon is Michaela day. Then Tues, I’d ask Amanda what she’d like to do and to that on Tues, and then Wed, it would be David’s turn. You’d be surprised at what types of things they like to do and usually it’s the smaller things that you won’t normally think of yourself. We’ve done tea parties (and we spend time making snacks and or baked goods to go w/it). We’ve also done indoor picnics, outdoor picnics, game days, movie day (w/snacks), hiking, camping outside together, building a bonfire and making smores, bike rides, walks,…I don’t know what your weather is like or what your climate is so some of what I said may not apply. Good luck and have fun!


  2. I would also recommend your Chamber of Commerce sites. We have one called Community Calendar that lists things that are free or next to free! My husband and kids and I actually just made up a “Bucket List” of fun activities for our weekly Family Night. Here are some things we came up with: Baking, Music (playing/singing/writing/listening together), Museum, Body Art (using washable marker or face paints), Spa-at-home (pedicure/manicure/massage/facial), Board Games, Scavenger Hunt/I Spy in the park, Obstacle Course, Silly Pictures – taking them and then editing/viewing them.

    Hope that helps you!


  3. Thanks for all you help, guys! We had lots of fun this week! I discovered that our YMCA (where we are members on a clergy discount) has a new youth rec room with fooseball, pool, ping-pong, air hockey, & dance revolution games all free for members! We had the whole room to ourselves on morning! We also went swimming at the Y, had a picnic, Wii tournament, movie marathon, & discovered several new local playgrounds. All in all a very fun week without breaking the bank! I think we definitely made some good memories!


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