A Matter of Perspective

The past few weeks I’ve been stressing about money. Seriously?!? A minister’s family running short on funds?!! That’s unheard of! Right? Actually, I don’t usually worry about something as insignificant as money (if you saw my bank account you’d agree that it’s definitely insignificant…) Normally, we live within our budget, give to ministries that touch our heart, and still have everything we need. However, this month has been filled with unexpected expenses: spring break gas prices, tri-fest food & rides, Easter outfits & candy, youth fund raisers…the list goes on and on.

I was feeling poor & deprived. Whining ran on a loop through my head: “I wish we had more money.” “Why can’t we be like other families who don’t have to worry about money?” “Look at all these people around me who have more money than they know what to do with…why can’t I have money like that?” Woe is me…I’m so poor…I don’t have anything nice, don’t get to do anything fun… I found my attitude rubbing off on my kids and husband, too. It was bad.

Then I spoke to a wonderful new friend on the phone…a fellow PW in Texas named Josephine. We were getting to know one another, and I asked her to tell me about her passion in ministry. She immediately began to pour out her heart to me about a ministry to PW’s in her home country of the¬†Philippines. She helps lead a retreat/conference for Filipino PW’s every year where about 200 ladies come to be refreshed and encouraged in ministry. One of Jho’s main ministries is in rounding up gifts to give the ladies who attend. They love Jergen’s lotion, hair accessories, simple devotional books & chocolate (some things are universal). One problem that she has run into, though, is that the ladies are hesitant to take any of these gifts if they don’t have anything to also take back to their families. The most requested item is a can of Spam. One can of Spam will make a special meal for their entire family! Her goal this year is that each lady will be able to take home a bottle of lotion, a devotional book and two cans of Spam.

In my bathroom right now I have 5 half-used bottles of lotion of various scents. In my office I have at least 20 devotional books. In my cabinet I have a can of Spam that we bought for a youth group joke. And this weekend I plan to eat a LOT of chocolate. Kind of makes me re-think my bad attitude. I have so much. I serve a heavenly Father who richly provides me with every good thing. There is nothing that I lack. I am rich! It’s all a matter of perspective.

What makes you feel rich?

(For more info about Jho’s Operation Compassion project ministry and how you can get involved, click the link below!)

WINGS video


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