Peace in the Midst of the Storm

This title sounds a lot more spiritual than this post will probably turn out, so don’t get your hopes up too much… We’ve been having lots of storms lately. Not the “trials-of-this-life” kind of storms but the “gusting-wind-house-shaking-thunder-hide-in-your-basement” kind of storms. And in these storms I have learned several things: 1. my alarm clock does not have a battery back-up (discovered this by waking up late this morning after the power went off last night), 2. the new windows in the parsonage are very well-insulated (which keeps the wind and rain out but also keeps us from hearing the storm siren), and 3. a tornado sounds like a freight train, but so does a freight train (and my English bulldog, Ruby, who snores. a lot.).

Spring storms over Spottsville

Storm clouds over Spottsville day 2

These storms have been going on about every other day for the last two weeks. The first night they came through, I loaded the kids & dog down to the basement, dug out the flashlights & candles, and filled up the bathtub (click here to find out why). The storm went around us and we all went back to bed. The second time the storms came through I woke up, turned on the weather station, and got the flashlight out, but I let the girls sleep. Again the storms went around us with very little damage. The last two times the storms have come through at night I have totally slept through them! I wake up in the morning to discover all my Facebook neighbors have spent the night huddled in a closet while I (and my children) have snoozed peacefully in our beds.

I’ve heard that true peace is sleeping through the storm, knowing that God is in control, not worrying about anything. I’d like to think that my super-PW power of trusting in God is responsible for my peaceful nights sleep, but I think it’s just my very well-insulated windows combined with the fact that Easter activities have taken a lot out of my and, frankly, I’m just really tired. I’d like to think that if I was one of the disciples that I would be asleep in the bottom of the boat with Jesus, but I would probably be the one trying to hold the boat together quietly so I wouldn’t wake Jesus up from His nap. You see, I like to control things. I like to take care of things myself. I don’t want to disturb anyone by asking for help. When storms come through I feel like it is my job to not only make sure my kids are safe in the basement but also to make sure we have snacks & reading material prepared so that everyone is happy during the storm…but that’s a whole ‘nother blog discussion.

Anyway, my husband and I were talking and we’ve come to the conclusion that if God wanted us to hide in the basement last night He would’ve woken me up. And if He wanted us to blow away, it wouldn’t matter if we were hiding in the basement. He is in control. I am not. He commands the winds & the waves to blow or be still. He gives peace in the midst of the storm. And for that I am thankful. That and a great night’s sleep last night!

What do you do in a storm? What storms are you going through? Do you also have a dog that snores like a freight train?


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