Random Weekend Ramblings

I love busy weekends! Sure it’s tiring, but it beats sitting at home alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to…most of the time. πŸ™‚ This weekend was one of those busy weekends that I love. On Friday we traveled to Bowling Green for Mykaela (my oldest) to get an award for scoring really high on the ACT.

Little Miss Smarty Pants

(She scored a 23 on the Reading portion and she’s only in the 7th grade!…sorry I had to brag because I’m sure she gets this from me!) We had a great time celebrating her accomplishment, but got home much later than we expected.

On the drive home it dawned on me that some good friends of ours who are raising support to become missionaries to France are due to arrive at our house the next day. They & their two awesome little boys will be spending the weekend with us in our basement…and I am TOTALLY not prepared! The basement flooded during the recent storms and I haven’t taken the time to go down their and really clean things up. Plus, we are completely out of groceries…and cash! I decide to head to the grocery store- even though it’s 6:30 on the Friday night before Memorial Day weekend. My husband empties his change jar and counts out enough quarters & dimes to cover what I expect the groceries to cost. Our Walmart has a coin counter that doesn’t charge too much so it was all going to work out. So, I get to the store only to discover that the coin machine is out of order. Great. Well, quarters spend just like dollars do, so I brave the crowds & gather everything I need to host a family of 4 & cook for Memorial Day. I don’t have too many items so technically I qualify to check out at the express lane, but it just seems wrong to pay with all change in the lane where people are in a hurry. I start to walk past the express lane and the checker waves me down and tells me to come to her line. OK…but I’m warning you… She says not to worry since there’s no one waiting to check out, but as soon as she starts scanning my items, six people line up behind me. She tells me the total and I pull out my plastic baggie full of quarters…four people leave my line muttering under their breath. She patiently helps me count out $28 in quarters and we’re good to go. Whew! Got out of Walmart with everything I need and…ahem…change in my pocket… πŸ™‚

The next morning begins the big cleaning day. I don’t know how I can work on housework and laundry all week and still have to spend all day Saturday cleaning house…doesn’t make sense. Anyway, after a fabulous breakfast of my husband’s famous crunch-cakes we all buckle down and get to work. The main level is starting to look good, so I venture down to the basement. It smells musty and there is Monopoly money stuck to the floor. I decide I need to mop. The entire basement is covered in tile so it shouldn’t be too hard. But the more I mop, the more I realize how dirty the floor is. It ends up taking me an hour to get it all done! At this point it’s 2pm…our friends are scheduled to arrive around 4ish. Not bad! All I have left is to check the basement bathroom and make sure we have clean towels out for them. Spoke too soon. Have I mentioned we live in the parsonage? The toilet in the basement has a leak. My husband told the maintenance committee about it several months ago and they promised to fix it. I turn the water on and water begins to pour out all over the floor! We can’t have a family of 4 staying in our basement without access to a toilet, so I decide to fix it myself. Β I head to the hardware store and play the damsel in distress. An elderly fix-it man helps me find the parts I need and talks me through how to fix our problem step by step. He’s so nice about it…even though I could’ve probably read the directions and figured it out myself…his hands-on demonstration with the display toilet was very helpful. πŸ˜‰ I got all the tools together, took out the old parts, put in the new ones, hooked the water back up, and flushed…it ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! Sweet! Wash my hands, change my shirt, shove the dirty, wet towels into the washing machine…and our friends pull up in the driveway. Perfect timing!

My girls & their friends who are going to France

The rest of the weekend is a blur. Kids running around the yard like uncaged birds, staying up til midnight talking with friends who “get” us, listening to my girls make plans to visit their friends in France one day, plus the usual Sunday activities…wait. It wasn’t a usual Sunday. Sunday morning was my husband’s yearly tribute to the persecuted church. And Sunday night was our quarterly Joint Worship service with local churches that my husband leads…Oh, what a day! I’ll have to share more about that stuff later. I just noticed how long this entry is getting and it’s almost time to head down the road for our Memorial Day cookout. Anyways, thanks for listening to my random ramblings from this weekend. I loved sharing it with you!


5 thoughts on “Random Weekend Ramblings

  1. Wow! What a weekend! Thanks for writing about it. I’m sorry I don’t comment enough but I do enjoy reading your blog. Hope you’re having a great week!


    • Thanks for reading, Dominique! I’ve been missing you. It was so great catching up with some fellow CIUers. Next time you’re in KY (or we’re in FL) we’ll have to get together! πŸ™‚


  2. I’m impressed that you (1) got out of Walmart after only spending $28 and (2) fixed a plumbing problem all by yourself. Don’t think I’ve ever managed either of those things! You may be not-so-perfect, but obviously there’s a ton of God’s grace in the mix, too. Thanks for letting me read.


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