This week my family is on vacation! We are on a road trip that swings through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin before landing us back home in Kentucky. We are having a BLAST! We’ve had old-fashioned sodas at a Stoner Drugs in Iowa, swam in a river in the Palasades State Park in South Dakota, dressed in period costumes and walked around in a Wild West town, saw Mt. Rushmore, eaten buffalo, and watched a gunfight in the streets of Deadwood. And we’re only about half-way through our week!

The Shouse Family @ Mt Rushmore

As a pastor’s family, taking a vacation can be an unsettling experience. I’ve heard more than one true horror story of pastors who arrived home from vacation to find that they had been voted out of their churches. I’ve experienced going on vacation only to return to find the church in turmoil. Sometimes you feel guilty for going on vacation because you’re unavailable to people who may need you. Sometimes others make you feel guilty because they assume that the pastor’s life is so very easy anyway, why in the world would you need a vacation? I mean, when you only “work” on Sundays and Wednesdays… 🙂


But vacations are very necessary for a pastor’s family! My husband has been completely re-energized the last several days. He has been getting up at 6 am every morning ready and raring to go. And that is surprising considering we’ve been staying up late cramming as much fun as possible into each & every day. It’s also surprising that because he is not normally an early riser. I think that this vacation has been much needed for him. Not just for the rest is supposed to bring (at least I’m hoping we will rest some time this week…) but more for the change of pace, the change of scenery, the new adventures that get his heart pumping and his imagination going. I didn’t realize what a rut we had gotten into until we got out of it this week!  We have a general plan for what we are going to do next, but you never really know what adventures lie around the next corner!


So what has been your experience in taking vacations while in ministry? What parts of the vacation help you the most? How do you get away even when you can’t actually get away? I’d love to hear your thought! I’ll read them when I get back home & finally sit down to recover from this week of vacation! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. I found your blog because I did a search for pastor and jealousy and found your comments very interesting (not my situation but still very helpful). Then I clicked on your most recent blog in june and found out YOU WERE IN MY STATE. You maybe even drove by Mitchell, SD (World’s Only Corn Palace) on your way to Mt. Rushmore. What a small world. Hope you enjoyed your whole vacation and don’t judge us because of the corn palace! God bless, Ruth


    • Ruth, you are right! We did visit the Corn Palace! It was not exactly what I expected, but I did find a really cute purse there! 🙂 We had a great trip seeing a part of the country we’d never seen before. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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