Parenting: Daddy/Daughter Date

Daddy/Daughter Love

My oldest daughter has moved into that awkward, uncertain stage of life where she feels very insecure. She is 12…almost 13, is starting to be interested in wearing makeup, fixing her hair (praise the Lord!) and boys…just a little bit. The youth group she is in is full of very fashion conscious 15 year olds who started having boy friends at age 10 and, in her eyes, always look beautiful and in style. She cried to me the other day because she feels ugly and that no boy will ever love her because she is not beautiful. ):

My first inclination was to give her the “its your inner beauty that counts” speech…but we’ve done that one before, and, frankly, I don’t think she was in the mood to hear her mom tell her that her “sweet attitude” was the most beautiful thing about her… That’s when Dad stepped in. I told him what she was going through and how she was feeling. The very next day they went on a Daddy/Daughter Date. She had won a gift certificate to a local restaurant so she treated them to lunch at the Chinese buffet (her favorite), and he followed it up with a trip to the mall, putt-putt, and a milkshake. The fact that he would take a tween girl to the mall showed extreme bravery on his part but following it up with some not-so-teen activities was pure brilliance! When they got home she was beaming! She was talking a mile a minute about all the fun they had together, but not only that…she was standing straighter, brimming with confidence. That was this past Friday. Four days later she is still walking tall, making decisions with confidence, and smiling more easily. (She’s also showering without a fight, brushing her hair without complaint and wearing a touch of makeup! She even brushed her teeth the other day without me reminding her! It’s the little things…):)


I don’t want to over-spiritualize this, but it made me think of my  heavenly Father. When I start to feel discouraged, beat down, or worthless I just need to spend a little bit of uninterrupted time in His presence being surrounded by His love and being reminded of my worth in His eyes. A Father’s love definitely makes all the difference!



6 thoughts on “Parenting: Daddy/Daughter Date

  1. That was awesome Stephanie!! What a great reminder…..staying connected to Jesus makes us walk taller and have confidence in who He created us to be.
    By the way, I have all the same issues with my girls 🙂


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