Music for Kids

Our house is always full of music in one way or another. Whether we’re singing along with the radio, dancing in the kitchen while we load the dishwasher, or blasting our favorite tunes in the Jeep…music is a big part of our life as a family. When the girls were younger I only listened to Christian music around them. I decided that it was important to fill their minds and hearts with positive, worshipful messages since they weren’t old enough for me to explain what was good and what was not. Needless to say we listened to a lot of Veggie Tales and Go Fish music…not my favorite but definitely NOT the most annoying children’s music out there! But we didn’t stick with just children’s music. Some of my most precious memories are of my little girls singing worship music that was not written for kids.  I  still remember Mykaela singing “Shout to the Lord” at the top of her lungs at age 5, and Kianna’s current favorite song is “How He Loves.” I love hearing them sing and worship the Lord!


These days we listen to all types of music. Mykaela (my almost 13 year old) loves to choose the radio station whenever we go for a drive. I let her chose secular stations and her tastes range from country to hip-hop…but we listen to it together and I help her determine if a song is worth listening to or not. Several times we’ve changed the channel and then talked about why the song was not good to listen to. It has opened up quite a lot of good discussions about the need for songs to not only be “clean” (as in no bad language) but also to not contain any bad messages (rebellion, promiscuity, etc). Letting her listen to secular music was hard for me…I worried that she would decide to listen to that type of music and forget about Christian music altogether. Not to worry…her favorites still include Lecrae, Toby Mac, Mandisa, and Need to Breathe.


Kianna still has no desire to listen to secular tunes. Rather, she has gotten hooked on Adventures in Odessey. Do you remember those radio broadcasts that they used to play every Saturday morning? Now they are available in CD and podcast versions! She discovered the CD’s at the library and has listened to at least 20 different episodes this summer. She loves to tell me all about the latest storyline and recently came across some music at the end of one of the CD’s…songs like “My Ode to Macaroni”…not exactly Chris Tomlin, but it will do. 🙂 I love music, and I’m so glad my kids do, too! Praying that music will continue to influence their lives in a positive way.


So what kind of music did you listen to as a child? What do your kids listen to? How do you balance Christian and secular? Parental control and personal choice? (don’t forget to click on the high-lighted titles above to hear a music sample!)



2 thoughts on “Music for Kids

  1. T’was just thinking about music in our lives this morning and how positively it has affected our family. I love your approach with your girls and find it very balanced and refreshing. I love how you guys know how to dance with all the latest moves. I love how FUN is part of the norm in your home. I love how you are helping your girls learn about making choices without keeping them bound and gagged.

    You may have to change your title soon. The “not so perfect” isnt all that appropriate any more! = )


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