What I Love About Being Married to the Pastor

I’m gonna let you in on a little “behind the scenes” info. When I get discouraged or frustrated with my life I can’t write. My creative juices dry up. My spiritual thoughts turn to dust. My drive to accomplish anything of purpose gets shoved into the corner of my recliner while I sit in my chair and read/surf the web/watch TV. That’s why I haven’t written anything on my blog for several days.  Oh, you didn’t notice that I wasn’t keeping up with my writing plan/schedule? Whew! That’s a relief…I was worried that there were hundreds of ladies sitting at their computers wondering where I’ve been since last Thursday. 🙂 I’m telling you this because the next time I go missing from my blog for several days, you’ll know it’s because I’m discouraged about something…either that or we’re having another ice storm like the one we had a couple of years ago and our power went out for over 2 weeks! (but that’s a different story…)


Please don’t get me wrong. My life is not horrible. The church isn’t trying to vote us out…again. I don’t have cancer. I don’t need Prozac. But sometimes the little irritations of ministry pile up and overshadow the good things. So, once again, I am going to work on focusing on the things I love about being married to the pastor.


1. I got to lead a little one to Christ! She is from a split home and only attends our church every other weekend (with her dad who is not a believer). She came to our VBS and her mom picked her up. The mom approached me and said that her little one had been asking lots of questions about being saved and would I have time to talk with her sometime. “Um…let me check my schedule…?” NOT! I literally dropped what I was doing and went to go talk to this little girl.  (BTW…sorry for dropping that New York City sign on your head, fellow VBS decorator.) She was shy about it at first, but then she scooted up close to me and looked at the verses in my Bible that I was showing her. She was so proud to be able to read them herself. I could tell that, as young as she was, she completely understood the fact that she was a sinner in need of a Savior. Faith like a child. Her prayer was so very sweet. What a blessing!


A World Changer group...not ours, though, since I was too busy sweating to take pictures of our group

2. I got to help with World Changers every day last week! Our group included youth & adults from Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Nebraska, & Georgia. There were about 12 of them working on the roof of a house in town and we got to serve them lunch every day. How encouraging it was to see them smiling while they worked…even though the heat index was over 110 degrees! (Fun Fact For You: Owensboro, KY, a neighboring city, was officially the hottest place in the United States last Tuesday! It’s official because “Good Morning America” said so…) I loved serving these young people last week. It was also fun to be around them and to hear them say “You’re the pastor’s wife? Really? I never would’ve expected a pastor’s wife to have blue hair!” (yep…it’s still blue…) My husband and I drove up one morning in his Jeep with the top down & the doors off, blaring some rockin’ Christian music. One of the adults in the group shouted out “Hey, Preacher! You can’t drive a Jeep like that! You’re the preacher! It will ruin your image!” My husband smiled and laughed his “I-don’t-want-to-offend-you-because-it’s-not-worth-it” laugh and muttered under his breath “Hide and watch me, Buddy!”

Jeff & his Jeep

3. Speaking of my husband…I love being married to a pastor who is totally passionate about God, who makes me feel special, who cares nothing for image, and who likes to have fun. The other day we were driving down the road (once again in the Jeep with the top down) and my husband decided to play “Don’t Forget the Lyrics.” He would sporadically stop the stereo and we would have to finish the song from memory. We were totally blasting the Newsboys Greatest Hits and all of us were singing at the top of our lungs. It was so much fun! “Wherever we go that’s where the party’s at!” (click the link to hear our family’s theme song!)


Mykaela & her Daddy at a Cross Country meet

4. I love that my husband’s job, while it is demanding and stressful at times (he had at least one meeting every night last week in addition to World Changers every day while still attempting to get his studying and sermon prep done), it also is flexible and allows him to do things like take me to breakfast at the spur of the moment or get up early and go to cross country practice with Mykaela. I love that he is home for lunch on most days and that he has time for our family even when he is working.


5. I love being involved in the planning of the big events. I used to want to be in charge of the big events…but I’m finding that it’s best to let my husband be in charge and I just take care of the details. It’s much less stressful for me and we work best as a team anyway. This week we are planning a community outreach event called “Church Without Walls.”  We will be taking the normal Sunday school hour and using it to do ministry in the community. Some of the classes will be visiting shut-ins, some will be picking up trash, but whatever they do, it will be outside the walls of the church building. Then during our normal worship time we will have an outdoor service in our parking lot. This should make it easier for visitors who are nervous about going to church to attend without fear because they can see what they are getting into and if they want, they can simply sit on their porch and listen to the service without stepping foot inside the building. I’m so excited about this event! I hope the weather cooperates…if it rains we will have to go inside, but if it’s just super hot I think Jeff should just preach on the fires of hell  or some other appropriate theme…:)


I really do love being married to the pastor. It’s like God has given me a front row seat to what He is doing…No, it’s better than that. I don’t have a good seat in the bleachers…I am actually on the team! I’m in the game! What an exciting life He has given me!

So many PW sites spend so much time griping about the frustrations of being a PW. (And I know there’s plenty to gripe about…Thanks, Mama, for letting me gripe to you on the phone so I don’t have to gripe here on my blog too much.) But there are so many good things about being married to the pastor! What do you like about being a PW or a woman in ministry?




3 thoughts on “What I Love About Being Married to the Pastor

  1. Stephanie, I just love you! What a great post. My favorite part is not being in the stands, but being part of the team. It’s so rewarding seeing lives change because of Christ. Been praying for you this week.


  2. My favorite thing about being married to a pastor is that I get to see his joy as he takes care of others. I love watching the Lord take my husband’s weeknesses and turn them into strength for His glory; and all because we ask = )


  3. I love your honesty! I’m trying to create my own blog but I am scared silly to be that honest! lol..

    One of the things I like about being a PW is seeing lives changed. When we first came to pastor here three years ago we had new believers, now they themselves have grown and are making disciples!


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