Easy Preaching…Hard Living

“And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory!” Ref. 1:1

Money is tight right now. I sorta like saying it like that. “Right now” seems to imply that it’s not always tight. But in reality: money is tight. Always. It always has been. I remember growing up and Mama & Daddy sharing our financial struggles with my sisters and I. They would let us know when we didn’t have the money to go out to eat or buy new school clothes…or get groceries. They would also let us know when God would provide an extra check, a special gift…a truck-load of food… I grew up living by faith.

When my husband & I got married we were still in Bible college. Paying for school and food and married life on our student salaries (him in the athletic department me in the dishpit…) definitely caused us to live by faith. We learned to trust God together to provide for all our needs. We learned about budgets, faith & mail-box experiences.

We’ve now been married over 14 years and have been through a lot in our lives and ministry. We’ve learned that God is faithful and that He always provides. Always. So when we had a serious business meeting this past week to discuss the church’s financial situation, I was not worried. God will provide. When the treasurer reported that she has been juggling funds for a while, I was not worried. God will provide. When some of the complainers suggested we make significant cuts to the budget- specifically to the pastor’s salary, I was not worried. God will provide.  When we voluntarily gave up the majority of our retirement income until the church gets back on its feet, I was not worry. God will provide. When my husband woke up Sunday morning worried concerned that we might not get paid this week, I was not worried. God will provide. When we were worshiping the Lord together & I looked out and saw our low numbers, I was not worried. God will provide. When I saw the offering plates pass by almost empty, I was not worried. God will provide. When we left church that morning and my husband whispered in my ear “I did not get paid today,” I was not worried. God will…Wait. WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN’T GET PAID TODAY? WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY NOT PAY YOU? ARE THEY GONNA PAY YOU EVENTUALLY? SCHOOL STARTS IN 2 WEEKS- HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET SCHOOL SUPPLIES? OR GROCERIES????? HUH? WHAT ABOUT OUR GIRLS? DON’T THEY KNOW THAT YOURS IS OUR ONLY INCOME? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO IF THEY DON’T PAY US????

Deep breath.  Come on… breathe. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. God will provide. He always has. He always will. But it sure is easier to believe it in your heart than in your head sometimes. It’s easy preachin’- hard living.

PS….God did take care of everything. Later than evening the church held a special finance meeting to discuss more cuts and to make sure those cuts did not include the pastor’s salary. We did get paid that evening. I knew we would…;)

I love to hear stories of God’s provision! Comment below and tell how God has provided for you recently!



8 thoughts on “Easy Preaching…Hard Living

  1. Totally loved your post. Thats me all over. I grew up living by faith too, my parents started a Christian newspaper when I was a small kid and we never had an income, we lived only on what God provided. Now, as a Chaplain’s wife (and recently my hubby was a Pastor so I was a Pastor’s wife) the income is ‘guaranteed’ in that the school pays him BUT his job can go up and down depending on the govt’s (here in Australia) funding each year. Its also much less pay than most people seem to get and I think he’s getting less than when he was a Pastor. I’m the same as you! Oh and he was unemployed between jobs for six months so that really put a test to our absolute belief that God would provide, guess what. He did. : )


  2. Very true! Easier said than done.Thanks for being real. I like to hear and speak the spiritual “stuff”,lol but let’s get to the point. It is hard. We have pastored for over 20 years and I wish I could say it gets easier. lol Well, in a way it does. I don’t want to die anymore. ha.
    The financial stress has been the roughest tho. My husband has macular degeneration (it started at 40years old, after we lost everything to a little wind and water named Katrina) Docs said this kind of stress is on “People who make things happen” is what caused his condition. And he is right. Our lives, our husbands, Make things happen! We help change the lives of people. We may never know just how effective we have been, but I know this- my job is to Love God, Love People, Work Hard, HAVE FUN! ……..Have fun and lots of it.lol


  3. Great post! Having been there, done that, and currently wearing the T- shirt thanks for keeping it real. We are Bivocational and have recently both lost our jobs. Since we are the biggest tithers our church budget has taken a major hit to. But God has been faithful! We have learned how to do much with little.


  4. Stephanie! I shared your table at L&L retreat–this was so good to hear this morning…our church is going through the annual budget talks now, and Dave and I have had lots of long, late conversations, and we keep coming back to that too–God will provide! He always has, and He always will–a lot of times not in our way, but in His, and so thankful we can trust Him! Praying that Our God will supply all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus! Your faith challenged mine this morning–thank you so much!!


  5. Thanks, Ladies, for all your encouraging comments! I almost didn’t hit the “publish” button this morning because I was afraid that I was being too real…know what I mean? I didn’t want to gripe about my church here online, but I’m glad I shared what we have been going through. I’m sorry for those of you who are also going through similar situations…but I’m glad God used it for His glory today! Don’t worry! He will provide! 🙂


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