A swiped message

We’ve talked before about how sometimes “stealing” is a good thing…and I’m gonna do it again today. Life has been crazy busy & stressful with school starting, changing schedules, church drama, extra meetings & back to school events…Every morning I wake up thinking “I need to write on my blog today!” and every evening I drag myself to bed thinking “Rats! I didn’t get around to writing in my blog today!” So to take a bit of stress off of myself, I’m hitting the easy button and re-posting a wonderful post from my favorite PW blog “Leading & Loving It.” 

When I read this post yesterday tears filled my eyes. It was so encouraging to me! I wanted to share it with everyone! I even went so far as to hit the “share” button for Facebook when I chickened out. I don’t share my blog or my PW thoughts in Facebook land because all my church peeps are on there and I want to be free to talk about the struggles of life in ministry without worrying about hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. So, I didn’t share it on FB but decided it was too good to keep to myself. The following is written by Lysa TerKeurst and her Proverbs 31 Ministry for women.  She’s also New York Times best selling author of the encouraging and inspiring book “Made to Crave.” 

The Scariest Seat In The House

The scariest seat on Sunday morning is whichever one the Pastor is sitting in. And the second scariest seat? The one the pastor’s wife occupies. How do I know this? Because I spoke at my home church recently with my heart beating so wildly in my chest I wondered if my rib cage might get bruised.

Sitting on the front row as each finished worship song signaled it was getting closer and closer to the time for me to step on stage, I became more and more desperate for Jesus to come back. Right now. Rapture? Hello? God? Please?

But no rapture came.

Soon there I was in front of my home church sweating like a toad on a hot tin roof. If toads sweat. I have no idea. And I’m way too tired to Google it. Anyhow.

I felt a weight of responsibility. I felt it in my heart. I felt it in my soul. I felt it in my brain.

And I thought to myself, how does my Pastor do this every week?

How does he craft a new sermon, get comfortable with that completely new material, carry that weight of responsibility, feel the anxiety of walking up on that stage, deliver a timed message in tune with the Holy Spirit, and then do it 2 to 3 more times during that weekend? And. Then. Do. It. All. Again. Next. Weekend.

Not to mention the business side of running a church. The ministry side of helping people. The leadership side of managing teams. The visionary side of how, where, and when to grow. The spiritual side of staying in tune with God personally. And the family side of hoping your kid isn’t the one who added bubbles to the baptistry. Heavens, say it isn’t so.

I also thought of my pastor’s wife. She carries the weight of supporting her man, taking care of the details he can’t, and whispering reassurances into the vulnerable places all leaders feel – even pastors. Maybe especially pastors.

Oh sweet friend, can I slip a note of encouragement under your door today. What you do as your husband’s partner is crucial and honestly one of the most important roles at your church. If you haven’t heard it enough lately, thank you.

And might I also share what finally made my heart stop beating wildly that Sunday morning? Having my husband take notes and tell me what he liked about my message. I’ve seen my pastor’s wife do this and I truly think it’s the best gift a pastor can get during the weekend services.

It’s simple. But sometimes when you speak and open up in the most vulnerable way, simple words of encouragement are good. Really good.

(And if you happen to see this and you’re not a pastor’s wife? Stop right now, pull out a sheet of your best stationery, and send your pastor’s wife a note of love and sweet appreciation. Of course, a dinner certificate wouldn’t hurt either. Smiles.)



2 thoughts on “A swiped message

  1. what a wonderful swipe! I cried this morning when I read this… So ecouraging and such a reminder of why I do what I do… You always seem to speak right to my need… Thank you!


  2. How beautiful and true. My pastor’s wife sought me out at the end of the message last Sunday. She said, “I’m sorry I haven’t spoken to you today.” I hugged her and said, “It’s a good thing you did because I’m keeping a scorecard!”


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