Creative Ministry: Burdens

One of my passions is Creative Ministry. I love creating new and different ways to communicate God’s amazing truths. Sometimes this creativity is expressed in drama, dance, musical interpretation and even art. I’ve decided to start attempting to share some of these ideas with you here on this blog. I will not only describe the idea but will also provide a downloadable document or video so you can take the ideas and use them in your own ministry.

Today we are doing a benefit concert for a lady in our church who has cancer in order to help cover her mounting medical bills. One of her favorite sketches is called “Lay ‘Em Down.”

Main Character stands center stage holding an empty backpack. She prays “Lord, help me to trust You today.” Jesus joins her on stage.

Other people begin coming around her voicing concerns. As they speak to her they hand her a brick or rock. She repeats their concern and puts the brick in her backpack. The concerns mount and the backpack gets heavy. Finally it’s too much. She reaches her breaking point and finally cries out to Jesus for help. Jesus has been standing by her the whole time offering to carry her burden but she held on to it herself. Now He steps closer, takes her to the cross and, one by one, removes the bricks from her backpack and lays them at the foot of the cross. The song “Lay ‘Em Down” by NeedToBreathe plays while Jesus takes her burdens. After all the burdens are laid down at the cross, the people come back and try to give her more bricks (without speaking). Instead of taking them, she points to the pile at the foot of the cross and they have to put them down there. As the song fades, she drops her backpack, takes Jesus’ arm & they walk out together: unburdened and free.

This is an easy sketch to do without much practice because the worries can be written on the rocks and read by the people on stage. The main character simply repeats their concern changing only the pronoun (i.e. What are you going to do? changes to What am I going to do?) I like to taylor the script to fit the concerns of the people in the audience. Have lots of people been laid off? Make the concerns center around worrying about jobs, money, foreclosure, etc. Do you have lots of young families in the audience? Make the concerns center around raising children, providing everything children need, hoping they turn out right, etc. Since the lady we are doing this sketch for has been battling cancer, I took some of her specific concerns and put it into today’s version. These concerns can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

My goal is to help people see their situations through the lens of God’s Word. One of the best parts, though, is when I’m writing the sketch and God uses it to touch my own life. Today I’ve been worrying a lot about my future. The worries had begun piling up and were starting to be overwhelming. But as I listened to the words of this song & thought about the truth of God’s Word, I knew I had to follow my own advice: “Give all your worries and cares to God because He cares what happens to you.”

Click here to listen to the “Lay ‘Em Down” song.

Click here to download the Burdens Script.

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear if you are able to use this in your own ministries!


5 thoughts on “Creative Ministry: Burdens

  1. This is such a simple, yet profound message! I love it!
    I am co-director for our denominational / annual women’s retreat, and this year’s theme is “Unshackled: Grace-Full” with a big focus on freedom too! Would we be able to use this/ adapt it adding handcuffs and giving Jesus the key to unlock them? Do you want us to credit you in our program?

    Alison Buck


    • Glad you like it Alison! I’m sure it can be tweaked to fit your theme…maybe each burden could be one link in the chain or you know how they used to have a “ball & chain”…the burdens could add to the weight of the ball holding a person back…I’ll have to think on that. I love that theme! Feel free to use it however it works for you in your ministry. It would be cool to have a shout-out for the credit of writing the script or the idea but only if it’s practical and doesn’t distract from the message. Let me know how it goes! 🙂


  2. Thanks so much! It’s in March, but I’ll let you know if we go ahead with it! I’m always looking for new ways beyond typical preaching and music to get at the heart of those who attend to make room for transformation!


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