Something Smells

Last night our family was sitting in the living room talking about our day when Jeff interjected “Maybe it’s time to stop talking and start taking showers…this family stinks!” Kianna had been playing outside all afternoon…Jeff & Mykaela had just returned from cross-country practice…I had just finished my workout on the Wii…and Ruby was just being Ruby… But as bad as we all smelled it was a good feeling to know that we had all accomplished some of our goals that day, and the smell just reinforced the fact that we had worked hard & played hard together.

It’s funny how certain smells remind you of specific things.  For instance, every time I smell Dial hand soap I think of my Mawmaw…in fact, every time I smell something clean I think of her! Smells of bacon make me think of my parents’ house…my daddy cooks bacon so much that my girls think the house smells like bacon all the time. The smell of Jovan Musk perfume makes me think of my Nanny and the smell of Old Spice reminds me of my Pawpaw. The smell of roast & gravy makes me think of Sunday dinner, the smell of salt makes me think of the ocean, and the fishy smell of Bradford pear trees reminds me of springtime at CIU.

Today in my Bible reading I was in 2 Corinthians where Paul talks about us being the “fragrance of Christ” to those around us. Some people like the smell of Jesus but others not-so-much. When we are filled with the scent of knowing Him we smell like death to some people and life to others. We can’t help what comes to mind when other people catch our scent…it’s just up to us to be smelly…in a good way…not in a I-didn’t-take-a-shower-today way…:)

What do you smell like? What smells bring back fond memories for you? What do you think it means to “smell like Christ”?


BTW…I’m thinking that a “scratch & sniff” feature on the internet would be really cool right about now! 🙂



One thought on “Something Smells

  1. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Sooo good!

    The fragrance of wisteria in early Spring reminds me of riding the motorcycle… but then so does a cow pasture.

    I love the smell of rosemary anytime, and spruce near Christmas. Happy smells. I think the happiest is brownies baking. oh my!
    Thanks for the nose memories.


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