Birthday Party Follow-Up

So Mykaela’s birthday party is winding down and I just had to write a quick follow-up.

I know that God is always good. But sometimes His goodness just oozes all over our lives like honey on a biscuit. (yes, I’m southern, so analogies such as this come naturally…) 🙂

Yesterday we had the party planned and the excitement was building towards Mykaela’s big day. But when Mykaela got home from school she started making some phone calls to see who was coming to her party. An hour later we had discovered that not a single friend was able to come to her party! She was devastated. Many tears were shed (by both of us). After Mykaela went to bed, my husband and I discussed several other plans for making her birthday special. But everything we could think of required more time or money than we had. We finally decided to just leave things in God’s hands and to do the best with what we had.

The next morning I awaken to a phone call from the mom of one of our high school girls in the church youth group. Her daughter had heard about no one coming to Mykaela’s party. This teenage girl subsequently took matter into her own hands and planned a surprise party for Mykaela! When Mykaela got home from school & cross-country practice today she was greeted by several of the older youth group girls bearing gifts and brownies. She was ecstatic! We incorporated the glow-in-the-dark theme into the surprise party and the older girls had fun playing along with all my middle school-type activities. And I can’t help but look back and wonder if her roller-coaster first day of being a teen is an indicator of how the coming year will be… I sure hope not…I’m not much of a roller-coaster person. I prefer the Tilt-A-Whirl which, come to think of it, pretty much describes my life on a daily basis…

Anyway, here are some things I learned from this party: 

1. Tonic water does glow in the dark…but it only takes about a teaspoon to make a cup of Sprite glow. If you add much more than that it tastes pretty nasty…like Alka-Seltzer.

2. Teenage girls who appear to only be interested  in boys, texting, and fixing their hair often have tender hearts and are used by God to do things that no one else can do.

3. When you purchase items from the Dollar Tree, you get what you pay for. The glow bracelets worked great, but the glow hats were rather complicated. The package for each hat included 12 glow sticks of varying lengths and several couplers but absolutely no instructions! The girls got creative and made their own hats. None of them looked like the ball cap in the picture. We ended up with a Viking hat, a halo, a princess tiara, devil horns, butterfly antennae, and a miner’s hat. Much better than the original plan!

4. Often our own plans fall through and things don’t go as we expected. But just when it looks hopeless, God intervenes!

Tonight was even better than I expected! Mykaela had so much fun, and I think she definitely felt loved. I am so thankful that our great God, who controls the universe, cares about the details. I’m so glad my Father in heaven loves His little ones so much that He arranged a party for my now-teenage-daughter. What an amazing God we serve!


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