I’ve been cleaning house today…yes, that explains the strange smell of…cleanness… My kids don’t recognize it and start asking if we’re having company when they smell cleaning products. Anyway, cleaning habits aside…I was cleaning the mirror and it caused me to reflect (ha-ha….get it? Reflect? While cleaning a mirror? Sorry…guess the fumes are getting to me…) Aaaanyway, I was thinking about that verse that says that we “see through a glass darkly” but one day we will see God “face to face.” Another translation of that verse says, “Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity.” 1 Cor. 13:12 NLT.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what God is doing. The future seems blurry…like looking in a mirror that hasn’t been cleaned in a couple months…not that I have experienced that first-hand or anything…. I’m so glad, though, that God sees everything clearly, and that one day He will reveal His plan to us. I look forward to that day!

I'm cleaning today...better take a picture!

While we’re on the topic of mirrors…it’s good to remember that we are to be mirrors reflecting God’s grace & mercy to the people around us. When God does something amazing through us, we want people to see Him, not us. A mirror’s purpose is not to make people notice the mirror, but rather to see what is reflected in it. I’m learning that God has called me to reflect His light to others so that when they are around me, they see themselves as God sees them. Encouraging others to reach their God-given potential, giving worth to those who feel worthless, showing the weak their strength in Christ, gently leading those who lack direction, offering love and forgiveness and appreciation to those who feel outcast, unlovable, and unnoticed. God has done all of that for us, and we should do it for others. Be a reflection of God today!


One more thing about mirrors…they don’t clean themselves…I guess I’ve taken a long enough break. Time to stop writing and get back to cleaning…I’ve put it off long enough… šŸ™‚



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