This Week’s Favorite Things

Sometimes my life is overwhelming and chaotic-ly busy…and sometimes it’s predictable and boring. Amazingly enough, it’s the chaotic times that bring out my creativeness and desire to write. This week, though, I have not had any desire to write and my creative juices have shriveled up and dried out like the last tomato left on the vine in our garden. I didn’t want to write down all my “troubles” and complaints here on my blog for the whole world to see because I’m sure there are plenty of people dealing with much worse situations than I am. So, in order to get back to writing in a positive way, I decided to post a couple of pics of my favorite things.

These pretty plates are in my kitchen and were a gift from my in-laws. The kitchen is not usually my favorite place to be what with the dirty dishes in the sink, the empty fridge the day before we get groceries, and the stacks of bills on the counter. But I love to look at these plates. They make me happy. The verses are encouraging and I love that both of my girls have memorized these verses just by standing in the kitchen with me mixing up cookie dough or stirring noodles on the stove. These plates take away some of the dread I feel when walking into the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mind cooking and especially love baking or planning & preparing for a special dinner. But the everyday, what’s-for-dinner dilemma is overwhelming and depressing. We have spaghetti at least once a week…every. single. week. Sometimes I get creative and change the type of noodles but it’s still basically spaghetti just with thinner noodles. Oh! I do have to stop a minute and brag on myself, though! The other night I made the most scrumptious chicken & dumplings for supper! I made everything from scratch with what I had on hand in my kitchen and they turned out sooooooo yummy! And to top it all off, God caused a cold front to come through our area right about supper time- so everyone was really wanting some warm comfort food. Perfect! 🙂

It’s so easy to get sucked into a cycle of complaining. Complaining about what you have…Complaining about what you don’t have…So, this week I’m working on intentionally being positive and encouraging (sorta like K-LOVE). It’s a beautiful day! I have a wonderful, loving family. My house is warm (or cool depending on what I need). And there’s food in the fridge…for at least one more day. Speaking of…I guess I’d better go get started making supper…we’re having spaghetti. 🙂


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