My Fantasy Team

Felix Jones and Isiah Stanbeck

Felix Jones Image via Wikipedia

Last night after church Jeff & I were standing around talking with a couple of the men and, naturally, the subject of football came up. Someone mentioned that Felix Jones of Dallas was injured. “Oh, no!” I exclaimed. All of the men turned to look at me in consternation…”Are you a Cowboys fan?” one of them asked. “Actually, he’s on my fantasy football team!” I replied with a grin. Not exactly what they expected from their pastor’s wife, I suppose. But I sure do love being a part of a fantasy football league! In fact, I’m undefeated so far this season…in case anyone is keeping score… 😉

Did you know that there is a fantasy team for just about every sport? Besides the variations of NFL Fantasy Football, there are fantasy leagues for college football, NBA basketball, college basketball, soccer, hockey, auto racing, and even golf. Fantasy golf? What has this world come to?! I personally think there should be a fantasy league for churches. Can you imagine that? You could draft your favorite preachers based on who is most likely to have the shortest sermon or who has the funniest jokes. You could research which worship leader will be best for your team: the one with the most songs in their set or the one who can play the most instruments…I hear that someone who can lead both a band AND and an orchestra is a hot commodity in these leagues! The MVPs of the league would definitely be either the youth leader or the children’s leader. Both are key positions that must be filled with tireless workers who have the uncanny ability to recruit volunteers and willingly subject themselves to embarrassing games or unsolicited sticky affection. Such team members are hard to find…and even when you do put them on your team, they often have to be put on injury reserve due to excessive strain. Scoring for the fantasy church league would be based on a combination of decisions made and people added to your church/team’s roll with extra points being given for every dollar brought in during the offering.

Hmmm….I think this could be fun! Maybe I’ll suggest this to Yahoo Sports or Christianity Today…I know it would definitely make Sundays interesting! 🙂

Who would you put on your fantasy church team?


3 thoughts on “My Fantasy Team

  1. Coolest idea ever!!! I would draft Pete Wilson for my pastor, and Skillet would do the music, Tim Tebow would handle youth and blow the doors off summer mission trips.

    I’d draft the Duggar family to take kid’s club and nursery. Hey, what’s a few hundred more kids when you’ve got that kind of patience and organization.

    The building would be so packed we’d have Jon Acuff to do comedy for those waiting for a seat. We’d have to throw in a little Toby Mac for good measure. Maybe he could take up offering and people would throw their whole wallets in just to try to be as cool as him.

    Franklin Graham could handle disaster relief plus more missions for the non-youth; and the Neely’s could open up the Family Life Center for Sunday lunch. All us little people could direct traffic or clean the glass doors or something. We could get Brandon to keep the water fountains in good working order. Hannah could bake goodies for pre-game, uh, pre-message snacks.

    Amanda and Shane could welcome everyone, run sound and media shout… and give directions. Your dad could visit the sick and call on anyone who’s feelings get hurt.

    Jeff could handle the cross country/ running for Jesus ministry and you could write skits and musicals. I can blog about it and make everyone wish they were as Godly as us.

    I think it might work!


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