Creative Ministry: Together

For about a year now I have been trying to write a script to illustrate the need for people in the church to work together. The Bible describes Christ’s followers as the body of Christ: each part necessary and having its own function. I had visions of someone dressing up like an ear walking around saying “huh?” while a giant nose goes around sniffing everybody. My people love to do funny skits so I know they would enjoy doing such a thing, but costuming would be rather complicated. I’ve been trying to find other, more simple ways to illustrate this same point, and the other day I got my inspiration.

My sister, Hannah, was called upon to lead the devotional message for her women’s ministry kick-off event this week. They are reorganizing their women’s ministry into teams so that a few people are not trying to do everything and everyone feels like they can get involved in areas they are good at. The following is a sketch I wrote for her group to present before she got up to speak. It’s specifically designed for a women’s group and addresses the need for us to use our differences to work together.

Feel free to use these ideas or materials for your own ministries. However, please don’t copy and use as your own. All materials here are original in content and the property of Stephanie Shouse and the Spottsville CAMELS. Please give credit accordingly.


Summary: Each lady needs to make something to bring to the church dinner but they all only have one ingredient. The try to do it on their own, but then realize they need to work together in order to make something great for the church.

Characters: (It’s best to use the names of your own ladies in the skit…it’s easier to remember. I used these names for my own convenience…and my daughter helped me make them up…) 🙂

Hannah- leader type person; planner; in charge but not bossy; holds everything together (ingredient: eggs)

Flora- detail person; hard worker; list-maker; organized (ingredient: flour)

Susie- caring person; nurturing; compassionate; sweet & shy (ingredient: sugar)

Candy- fun person; talkative & energetic; life of the party (ingredient: chocolate chips)

Setting: Keep it simple…a long table that all 4 ladies can fit at facing the audience or several individual tables will work. Each lady needs her own ingredient along with a bowl, dish, spoon or whatever else helps them pretend to be making something in the kitchen.

Dialogue:  I have written this script the way I hear it in my head, but you know what is comfortable for your characters and your audience. Feel free to change the words or details to fit your style!

Scene starts with each lady in their own area as if they are in their own homes. The ones doing the talking should move…the ones not in the scene should freeze.

 Hannah: (looking at paper/calendar) Looks like we don’t have very many people signed up to bring food for our church dinner this Sunday. I think I’ll call some people to remind them. Let’s see… who should I call… I know: I’ll call Susie. She’s just so sweet. I love talking to her! (dialing cell phone)

Susie: (answering phone sweetly) Hello? Well, hey there, Hannah…a dinner at church Sunday? Sure I can bring something. Do you have something in mind that you want me to bring?…That’s fine. I’ll just see what I have to work with here. By the way, how is your mom doing? I’ve been praying for her so much lately…Well, I’ll keep on praying for her, and you, too… Thank you for getting all this together and for all you do in our church. You are such a blessing! … Alright. I’ll see you Sunday. Call me if you think of anything else you need…Bye. (starts looking around for ingredients)

Hannah: Well, that was easy…and so encouraging! Who else might need a reminder…hmmm…I wonder if anyone contacted Flora and told her about the dinner since she was back in the nursery during the announcements last week. Maybe I should call her (dialing cell phone).

Flora: (answering phone matter of factly)Hello? Hi,  Hannah. What can I do for you?… The church is having a dinner this week? Oh, no. I haven’t really had time to prepare; I wish I would’ve known sooner…You need me to bring something? Absolutely! Let me just write it down on my list so I don’t forget… (she writes it on her list, her calendar, in her planner…exaggerate for humor) I have a couple of questions about the dinner: (check list as if reading the questions) Do you have a list of jobs for the volunteers to do when they get there to set up?… No? I’ll type one up this evening… What about a diagram for the best table layout in order to maximize space in the fellowship hall?… I think I have an extra copy of the one I made for our last dinner. It worked well. Let’s see. Do you have enough tablecloths? I have extras if you need me to bring them…OK…I’ll put them in the trunk of my car just in case… I think that’s everything for now. I’ll give you a call if I think of anything else…You’re welcome. I’m gonna go see what I’ve got to make for the dinner. See you Sunday. (starts looking for ingredients)

Hannah: Well, that was helpful! I never even thought about needing extra tablecloths… Ok…is there anyone else I need to call?…Oh, yeah! I forgot to call Candy! How could I forget about her?! (dials phone)

Candy: (answering phone) This is Candy! Hi, Hannah! I’m so glad you called! I was just thinking about you! Wasn’t the church service wonderful last week?! I had a blast in children’s church! I really enjoyed dressing up like Esther and pretending to be the Queen! And the ladies that prepared the snacks were so well-organized! I also taught them a new game where you spray whipped cream on the end of the children’s noses and their partner tries to get a cheese ball to stick to it! The other moms thought it was a little messy, but we sure had a lot of fun!… What’s that? Oh, the reason you called…a dinner at church & you want me to bring something? OK! Sounds fun! I love church dinners! They are always so much fun! All those people to talk to, and all that yummy food to sample!…Oh, yes. I’d better let you go. I know you’ve got lots to do to get ready for this big event! Can’t wait to see you Sunday! Bye! (starts dialing another number on her phone)

Hannah: That was a fun conversation! Candy is so good at making friends. I need to make sure to introduce her to that new family that’s been visiting with us lately. I’m sure she’ll know how to make them feel welcome. Now, I guess I’d better look and see what I have that I can make for the dinner (starts looking for ingredients).

Susie: (talking to herself sadly; measuring cup of sugar in her hand) Well…I looked everywhere and all I could find was this sugar. I don’t have any of the ingredients I need to make a dessert…I’m out of eggs…there’s no fruit or chocolate in the house to make something special…I don’t even have any flour! I thought about making sweet tea since you can never have too much sweet tea at a church dinner…but I used my last tea bag yesterday. All I have is sugar. I can’t bring that to the dinner… I guess I’ll just stay home. I wish I could go, but I don’t really have anything good to offer. (puts head on table or bows head in sadness)

Flora: (talking to herself tiredly; stacks of paper & table clothes piled around her) {SIGH} It took a lot longer to list all the jobs for the volunteers than I thought it would. There are a lot of details that need to be written down for a dinner like this! Let me make sure I’ve got everything…(check list) Volunteer Job List…check. Diagram of the table layout…check. Extra tablecloths…check. Food for the dinner…OH NO!!! I must have gotten distracted by all these other things and  forgot to make something for the dinner! (scrambling) Let’s see…what do I have…well…I’ve got flour. That’s a start… but no eggs or sugar or butter… I’ve always said that it’s important to keep flour on hand in case you have to make something at the last minute, but it’s pretty much good for nothing on its own. Maybe I’ll just toss a little of it here and there (use your hand to put a dusting of flour on your face and the front of your shirt)…people will assume that I brought something since I look like I’ve worked & slaved over a hot stove all day. And I have been working hard…just not on food. I wish I could’ve brought some food to share…but this is the best I can do…

Candy: (talking on the phone excitedly; no ingredients visible) Yes! There’s a dinner on Sunday at the church, and I really want you to come! Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to bring, I’ll bring enough for both of us! That reminds me…I’d better go. I still have to make my dish for the dinner. See you soon! (looking at watch) Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re on the phone! I got so busy inviting people to the dinner that I forgot to make something! Let’s see what I’ve got…Yum! Chocolate chips! I love chocolate….chocolate cake…chocolate cream pie…chocolate chip cookies…mmmmm….Too bad I don’t cook… (bring out a glass bowl and dump the chocolate chips into it) That will work! You just can’t go wrong with chocolate! I wish I was good at cooking like the other ladies…I hope I’m not letting them down by just bringing what I have…

Hannah: (talking to herself; stand mixer & bowl ready; multiple egg cartons nearby) Boy, that was not good planning. I called all those ladies and got everything ready for the dinner and didn’t take time to go to the grocery store. Now all I have are these four dozen eggs from my chickens. Wonder what I can make with that many eggs? No one really brings scrambled eggs to a dinner like this…Deviled eggs would be good but without other ingredients they’re just…eggs. I really wanted to make something sweet…hmmm…I need some help. (dialing phone)

Hannah: (speaking into phone) Hello, Ladies?

All other ladies together: (speaking into phone) Hi, Hannah

Hannah: What are you bringing to the dinner?

All other ladies together: I didn’t have anything good to bring.

Greta: I have eggs…What do you have?

Susie: Sugar.

Flora: Flour.

Candy: Chocolate Chips!

Hannah: Sounds like if we work together we could make something really yummy!

Susie: (speaking to audience) “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all.”

Flora: (speaking to audience) “There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord.”

Candy: (speaking to audience) “God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.”

Hannah: (speaking to audience) “A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.” (1 Cor. 12:4-7)

ALL: Together we can do something amazing for Him!

Download your own copy of this script here: Together Script

Let me know what you think!


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