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Racing Well

Finishing the race

My oldest daughter just earned her way on to the Varsity girls cross-country team and ran in her first Varsity race last week. Her biggest worry was that she would be last. There is another girl on the varsity team who always finishes last, and Mykaela’s goal during the race was to pass her. However, this other girl is a junior in high school and did not want to get passed by a thirteen year old. So every time Mykaela would try to pass this girl, she would run faster. It made Mykaela so angry! But then I showed her a different perspective. Mykaela’s presence on the team was making her teammate better! It made me think about what it means to be a part of a team…  I want my presence to make the people around me better than they would be alone.


Last week, my mom posted the following story on her blog:

“A few months ago, we were watching the NASCAR race, at Talladega. Well, the race was at Talladega. I was in my pajamas on the couch in my den, anticipating a nap. Anyway, it was one of the most exciting finishes I’ve ever seen. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. pushed teammate Jimmie Johnson over the finish line something like two-thousandths of a second ahead of the second place driver Clint Bowyer. And even though Junior officially finished fourth, during the interviews after the race, both Jimmie and Junior used the pronoun “we” when referring to the win. Jimmie gave the coveted checkered flag to Junior. It was definitely a team effort.” *

Both of these events struck me as a great picture of what I do as a pastor’s wife. My job is to be a good teammate to my husband. Earlier on in my life, I would have said my job as the PW was to sing in the choir or lead the women’s group or direct VBS or keep the nursery or all those other jobs we often get stuck with because we can’t say no. But God has been teaching me that my primary job is to help my husband run the race well. When he gets tired or is about to run out of gas, it’s my job to give him that little nudge that he needs to cross the finish line. And I know that he does the same for me, too. He’s the one who encouraged me to start writing publicly and he continually challenges me to push myself farther than I think I can go.

Team Shouse at Jeff's Triathlon

We are a team. We make one another better than we could be alone. And no matter which one of us is in the front, we both consider it a victory for Team Shouse.

*(To read more from my mom’s really great blog click over to – you’ll be glad you did!)


I'm a pastor's wife with two growing daughters striving every day to be the best ME that God created me to be! I'm passionate about communicating the amazing truth of God's Word in new and creative ways. I am creative and messy, outwardly fun-loving but secretly shy; sparkly, frizzy, joyful, and casual. I hate mustard, roaches, doing laundry and monkey movies. I love music, chocolate, flowers, and the beach. This blog is about my life and thoughts as a "not so perfect" pastor's wife. Living, learning, and loving to lead in the Lord. (See? I have proven that I'm married to a pastor by my alliteration abilities!) ( =

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