Trash or Treasure

You can find all sorts of interesting things at a yard sale!

Ever heard the expression “God don’t make no junk”?  Yeah…well…God doesn’t make junk but people sure do! Last weekend Jeff & I went on 200 miles of yard sales here in western Kentucky, and we have come to the conclusion that one person’s treasure is another person’s trash. Yes. I said that right. People were selling their treasures but much of it seemed like trash to us. The sellers would put signs out saying how much they paid for a particular item or how much the item was worth to them and expect us to pay them accordingly. We just laughed…

It is also true that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. We were looking at a “beautiful” mirror/light/wall hanging and sorta snickering about who in the world would want to buy such a thing…when someone came up behind us exclaiming over having found this thing they’ve been looking for and what a great deal it was!

I love going to yard sales! I love finding deals. We got my husband a genuine leather jacket for only $10! You can’t get that kind of deal at the mall! You also can’t find treasures like these at the mall either: genuine, hand-knit wise men, a giant dog lawn ornament, or a wreath made of clothespins.

We have a few rules when it comes to buying stuff at yard sales, though:

* We do not buy stuffed animals at yard sales

* We do not buy opened personal hygiene items at yard sales

* We do not buy underwear at yard sales.

After sifting through tons of junk this weekend I fee like there ought to be more rules than that, but I’m hoping that common sense will kick in before we make an inadvisable purchase.

I suppose I should form some sort of spiritual analogy with the yard sale…but sometimes you have to write just for fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures below as much as I enjoyed taking them! 🙂

Trash or Treasure?

The Three Wise Men

This dog is quieter than ours...

An interesting use of clothes pins

The perfect wedding gift

A handful of shampoo only 50 cents!

Move over, Ken. Barbie's got a new man!

Oh, the irony...

I'm not Catholic, but it would feel weird to watch a Pope candle burn...

Velvet Elvis...not just a book title

Too weird for words

There were so many interesting items and people that we came across on our yard sale adventure. Check out my Facebook album to see more. What sort of interesting things have you seen at yard sales?


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