Pastor Appreciation

This month is Pastor Appreciation month! Pastor’s are such special people. And I’m not just saying that because my husband is one. 🙂

Pastors pour their whole lives, their time, energy, resources, talents, hopes, and dreams, into the lives of the people in their church and communities. They make sacrifices that many of these same people never see. They celebrate when good things happen to their people and they cry when the bad things happen. The Bible even says that they are held responsible for the spiritual well-being of their congregation! (Heb. 13:17) The life of the pastor is often tiring and thankless, so I’m thankful that someone made Pastor Appreciation an official holiday (even if it was created by Hallmark in order to sell more sappy cards…) 🙂

If you are a pastor’s wife, you know how hard your husband works and how much he needs encouragement. Our husband is also our pastor, and we can show him our appreciation in ways that our congregation can’t. No…I’m not talking about that…well, maybe I am, but my mom is probably gonna read this, so we’ll not go there… What I meant was, we know the little things that make our husband feel most appreciated. A kind word after a hard day. Telling him how a specific sermon point touched your heart. Ironing his dress shirt without sighing out loud… We need to set the example of showing appreciation for him instead of sitting around and waiting for others to do it for us.

If you’re not married to the pastor, I’ve been thinking of ways that you can show appreciation to your pastor. Feel free to copy and paste these ideas in a prominent place in your church foyer if you need to. As a side note these do’s and don’ts are true, but they are also meant to be funny…forgive me if they get snarky towards the end…it is Monday, after all… 🙂

10 Do’s & Don’ts For Showing Appreciation to Your Pastor

1.  Do offer to babysit the preacher’s kids so he can take his wife on a date as a couple. Do not bring up everything the kids tell you during the next business meeting.

2. Do write him a letter or e-mail detailing how his teaching or leadership has impacted your life. Do not write him a letter or e-mail telling him all the amazing things you learned from your former pastor and include that pastor’s phone number for reference.

3. Do offer to go visiting in his place so he can have an extra day off during the week. Do not remind him that since he “only works on Sundays” that he should not need a day off.

4. Do give him a CD or concert tickets for his favorite band. Do not give him a CD of your favorite band and stare at him while he listens to it, constantly asking him if he likes it and suggesting he get the group to sing at your church.

5. Do offer to make repairs or updates to his home or parsonage. Do not tell him how blessed he is to be allowed to live in the parsonage because of its “history” and “character” if those are code words for “ancient” and “run-down.”

6. Do give him the gift of cash! Pastor’s are always spending their own money for church supplies or miscellaneous items that are not in the church budget. Do not give him a Dave Ramsey book and a stack of envelopes to make sure he’s spending his salary in the best way possible.

7. Do encourage and show appreciation to his wife and kids. Do not express your disapproval of his wife or kids to him. Ever. Just sayin.

8. Do send him and his family on a vacation so he can relax without worries and return energized and refreshed. Do not send him to the denominational convention and call it a vacation.

9.  Do invite him & his family over for dinner or to just hang out with your family. Don’t invite him to dinner followed by an Amway presentation.

10. Do get him a gift card to his favorite bookstore. Don’t buy him a book entitled “10 Steps to Better Sermons.” 😉

However you show it, make sure your pastor feels appreciated this month…and all year long!
“Those who are taught the word of God should provide for their teachers, sharing all good things with them.” Galatians 6:6

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