The Little Things

Sometimes we get into the mindset that everything in our life must be perfect in order for us to be thankful. But God tells us to give thanks in EVERYTHING (1 Thes. 5:18). Here are some little things that I am thankful for this week:

Fall Wreath

I’ve always wanted a fall wreath to hang on my front door, but they are so expensive! I finally found this one at the Hwy 60 yard sale and got it for $2! Yes, I said $2! Now, not only does the beauty of the wreath bring me joy but every time I see it I think of the great bargain it was…and I’m thankful!

Ruby just a-swingin'


Ruby "helping" me blog

Our English bulldog, Ruby, is so funny! She loves to swing in our swing in the front yard. The first thing she does when she gets up in the morning is roll around on the living room floor, for, like, 10 minutes! And every time I sit down in this particular chair, she sticks her head under the arm rest and lays her chin on my lap. Then she sits there perfectly still while I write. The girls call her their dog and Jeff is the one who picked her out, but I think she loves me best. Granted…there are some moments that I’m  not very thankful for her…but she usually just makes me laugh! She is so smart, playful, and obedient (occasionally). And for that I am thankful!

Risk: A Game of World Domination

The other day a strong storm swept through our area and knocked out the power for a couple of hours. With no TV, no computers, no video games, and one flashlight, the four of us found ourselves sitting together in the living room looking for something to do before bedtime. So, we pulled out my husband’s all-time favorite board game and taught our girls the nuances and strategies of world domination. As Jeff pondered his next move one of the girls asked, “What are you doing, Dad?” He answered in his very best Pinky & The Brain voice: “TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!” Sometimes I forget that some of the best memories are the smallest ones. I’m thankful for power outages & unplugged evenings!

I love my pretty glasses! The small ones I got at various yard sales. Yes, that is a shot glass. Are preacher’s wives allowed to have shot glasses? (Are PW’s allowed to have blue hair?!?) I like to pour myself a little shot of the good stuff (chocolate milk) after a long day. 🙂

The tall glass with the straw is my favorite because Jeff used the Pastor Appreciation coupon that he got in the mail from Lifeway Christian Store to buy that for me! He said that he wanted me to feel appreciated, too! How sweet! I feel appreciated and thankful every time I drink from it!

My life is far from perfect. Sometimes when I sit down to write about my life I get too focused on the things that are difficult. I want to complain or gripe or at least get a little sympathy. But when it comes down to it, I must remember that there is MUCH to be thankful for! I look forward to writing more posts like this one in the coming weeks, and I’d love to hear: What little things are you thankful for?



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