Creative Ministry: We Drink To Remember

I love taking the Lord’s Supper. I’ve loved it my whole life. In fact I cannot drink purple grape juice out of anything larger than a communion cup! 🙂 My favorite observance of the Lord’s supper was each of my daughters’ first time. Both of my girls made a profession of faith at an early age and were eager to partake of the Lord’s supper for the first time. I had them sit very close to me: partly to keep them from dropping the tray of juice…but mostly so that I could talk them through it without disturbing those around us. Throughout the entire ceremony I told them what each part meant, what their dad (the pastor) was talking about, and what they should be thinking or doing in response. It made the whole experience come alive for me once again as I explained the symbolism to them for the first time. One of my daughters asked me when it was all over: “Mommy, why do we do this?” I told her that we do this so that we will always remember what Jesus has done for us.

I wrote this script for my creative ministry team to do one Sunday when we were having the Lord’s Supper. I wanted to remind people why we do this and what it means. My friend is also very creative and she found pictures to go with each line of the script. We put the pictures and words on the screen at the front of the church building and had people standing around the audience reading the words aloud. Our pianist played softly in the background and the lights were low. The attitude was solemn but built to joyful worship as we remembered all that Christ has done for us!

We Drink To Remember

Some drink to forget...

We drink to remember.

Some drink to forget their pain...

We drink to remember His pain.

Some drink to forget senseless abuse...

We drink to remember that by His wounds we are healed.

Some drink to forget sins committed...

We drink to remember sins forgiven.

Some drink to forget their loneliness,

We drink to remember that He will never leave us alone.

Some drink forget past failures...

We drink to remember future promises!

Some drink to forget who they are...

We drink to remember WHOSE we are.

Some drink to feel powerful...

We drink to sense His power at work within us!

Some drink to become the life of the party

We drink to celebrate our abundant life in Christ!

Some drink the cup of sorrow

We drink the cup of rejoicing!

Some drink to forget

We drink to remember

To remember His pain

And our healing

To remember that our sins are forgiven

That we are never alone

We are His

His power is at work within us!

We now have abundant life!

Therefore we rejoice!

And drink to remember!

Feel free to use these ideas or materials for your own ministries. However, please don’t copy and use as your own. All materials here are original in content and the property of Stephanie Shouse and the Spottsville CAMELS. Please give credit accordingly.

Click here to download a document with the words only of this presentation: We Drink To Remember (Word Doc)

Click here to download a power point presentation with the words & pictures: We drink to remember ppt (PowerPoint) *Note: some pics are different due to formatting issues.


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