My Baby Is Growing Up!

My baby girl turns 10 today! I cannot believe it! When I said my thoughts to her about how I can’t believe how fast she is growing up she replied “Yeah, you’re getting on up there, aren’t you?” Thanks for the reminder about my age. 🙂

Here are some of my favorite memories of her growing up to this point:

Learning to play ball in Evarts, KY

Strawberry Pickin'

"No, I'm not gonna share my dessert with you!"

Lovin' the beach!

Being "adventury"

She's trying so hard to obey the sign...

Really? You're in the drama club? Shocker! 🙂

Her puppy room that we did together

Eating gelato that she ordered herself in Washington DC

At 10 years old, my sweet girl is very independent yet always considering the feelings of others. Her teachers say that she is helpful and sensitive. Her friends say she is loyal and kind…a true friend. She is friends with the popular and the not-so-popular, boys and girls, younger and older, those who have nice things and those who wish they did….everyone is drawn to her. She is beautiful inside and out! I love you, Kianna girl! Hope your birthday is super happy! 🙂

After conquering the ropes course at the Mall of America~ FEARLESS!

To read more about my Kianna, check out a  story I wrote here about her a couple months ago “We Did It Together


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