Polka-Dots & CAMELS

We have CAMELS in our church. At least once a month they take part in the worship service! I am in charge of  organizing, instructing, and cleaning up after our CAMELS. It’s one of my favorite jobs! And I’m so glad that I’m not talking about the actual “watch-out-they-spit” camels. (Check out this video for why I do not want a real camel in our church services! Camel video) Disaster!

We are the CAMELS- the Creative Arts Ministry Enhancement League of Spottsville!

When we decided to start a creative ministry team we wanted to think of a name that was as unique as our people. We are not just a dance team…though we like to dance. We are not just a drama team…though there is always drama. We are a team of creative people committed to doing ministry in new and creative ways. Our goals are both to reach the lost in our community by presenting God’s Truths in a way that holds people’s attention and to enhance our worship services by making people think or laugh about issues common to the church such as worship, teamwork, salvation, God… In order to accomplish these goals we write & present short sketches and full-length dramas, we arrange and choreograph “interps” to modern songs using sign language & dance moves, and we tap in to the talents of our congregation and the needs of our community to discover even more ways to minister creatively.

Our ministry is based on this key verse:

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 

The cool thing about that verse is that the word used for “variety” is the Greek work “poikilos” which is where we get our word “polka-dot”! So when God creates people and gives out spiritual gifts everyone is different a bunch of polka-dots! I love that God is not vanilla. I love that He is not plain or predictable or creating mass-produced duplicates of His followers. We are all created with a purpose and given gifts that are different from one another. I enjoy finding people’s gifts and helping them to use them to worship and serve God in new and creative ways!

What are your gifts? How do you worship or serve God? Got any creative ideas for me? I love seeing others be creative whether it’s in worship or service or decorating or parenting or cooking. All of it can be an act of worship! Polka-dotted Praise offered up to a Creative and Personal God!

Check out my Creative Ministry page to see more about our CAMELS- including a link to a video and several free scripts! 🙂


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