God Cares About Pot Roast

We all know that God provides, right? Our family has trusted Him for rent, gas, food, and clothing through the years. But did you know that God cares about pot roast? Yep. I’ve got proof!

Like most people, money is tight for us right now. We juggle our bills in order to pay everything on time and still buy groceries. Our girls wear hand-me-downs most of the time. Times are hard, but we’ve definitely faced worse, and we’ve learned to live this way without too much complaining. 🙂

My roast was yummy...even if it wasn't as beautiful as this picture... 🙂

My husband gets paid once a week and we buy groceries on Mondays. We do our best to make those groceries last until the weekend, but often by Sunday we are eating our last 3 pieces of chicken and our last 4 potatoes for dinner. We have enough but not much more than that. So when some friends of ours from college contacted us on Wednesday and asked if they could come visit this weekend I started to get a little nervous. I love having friends over, but apparently most people expect to eat if they stay several days… Crazy. I know. 😛 So, I was freaking out   trying to plan for this visit and I was panicking concerned that we wouldn’t have enough food for our family of 4 plus their family of 5. That’s when Jeff reminded me that his mom had given us two giant roasts out of her freezer just this week AND we had bought a 10 pound bag of potatoes on sale the week before but I hadn’t used them because I was too busy to cook anything that took longer than 15 minutes last week. I was ecstatic!

Our friends and their 3 sweet girls were able to come for the weekend AND they were able to eat while they were here! I borrowed a slow cooker from my neighbor/friend and served 2 delicious roasts and mounds of carrots & potatoes for Sunday dinner. YUMMY! So thankful that God cares about the little things…and that He knows what we need before we know we need it!



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