Creative Ideas for Women’s Ministry Mixers

I am not a women’s ministry type person…I don’t care for sappy poems or tear-jerking stories. Isn’t that what women’s groups do? 🙂

Our church has recently moved from the traditional “Secret Pal” program to a more relational “Secret Sister” ministry. We used to just compete over who could buy (or receive) the best presents, drop them off at church in secret, and then meet for a big party at Christmas to reveal our secret. Now we focus more on building relationships and encouraging one another. We still buy each other presents for birthdays, because it’s always fun to get presents on your birthday. We also have a party at least once a quarter at one of the sisters’ house where we all bring food and play games together. It’s been tons of fun!

I’ve been in charge of the games and one of my goals was not only for us to have fun but also to help us get to know one another better. Most of our church ladies have grown up together and have attended church together for decades. But we all tend to hang out with our certain group and talk only to the people who sit in the pews near us on Sundays. So, even though most of these ladies thought they knew one another, I wanted them to mingle a bit and dig a little deeper into one another’s’ lives. The best way to help people connect is through laughter and shared memories, so I used some funny games to build these friendships.

Our first year of this new strategy is over and most of the ladies had a great time and are ready to do it again. I learned that the ones who enjoyed this year the most were the ones who participated the most. Duh! 😛 I guess that should be obvious! But I always want everyone to be super happy…and I’m learning that several of the ladies did not have a good experience. Those ladies, though, were the ones who never came to any of the parties…it was all about the gifts for them…and that always leaves you wanting more.

Today, I would like to share some of the games & activities we did that made our year of building relationships successful. I found many of these ideas online, but most of them were designed to be played with teenagers. I adapted them for women of all ages in a small group setting (10-20 ladies).

Get To Know You Games:

  • “I Have Never”- arrange chairs in a circle with enough seats for all but one person. That person stands in the center of the circle and makes a statement that is true about herself (ex. “I have never traveled outside the U.S.”) Everyone for whom the statement is also true must move to a different seat. The one left without a seat stands in the center for the next round. It’s fun to notice who doesn’t change seats and ask them to tell about their experience (ex. if the person didn’t move that means they HAVE traveled outside the U.S. and may want to share about their trip).
  • “Yes/No”- arrange chairs in a circle with enough seats for everyone but no extras. Read a yes/no question (ex. Do you have any pets?) Everyone answers yes or no. If they answer no, they stay in their seat. If they answer yes, they move to the chair on their right. As some people move and others do not, the ladies will have to sit on the lap of the person still in the chair. As you continue to ask questions the ladies will continue to move and may begin to stack up on one chair. When we played we had as many as 6 ladies sitting on one chair! You can make your questions as deep or shallow as you think your group can handle. I kept things mostly light-hearted with a couple of zingers thrown in for good measure.

Just For Fun Games & Activities:

  • Costume Photo Op

    “Costume Hot Potato”- Have the ladies sit or stand in a circle. Fill several bags with costume accessories (ex. various hats, glasses, scarves, bandannas, jewelry, etc), one or two accessories per bag. Make sure the bags are closed. Pass the bags around the circle as you play some music. When the music stops, the ladies holding the bag must take out the costume, put it on, and pose for a photo op. I had 12 ladies playing this game and passes around 3-4 bags per round. The ladies were less inhibited about hamming it up because they were posing with someone else. I collect dress-up stuff…my husband loves me for it {where is that sarcastic font when you need it?} So, I continually switched the bags out for new accessories each round. For the final round I included enough bags for each lady to end up with one and we finished the game with a crazy group picture. What fun! Probably gonna use that picture on the PowerPoint when we announce our next party…the ladies will be so pleased! {sarcastic again…} 🙂

  • “Sole for the Soul”- Have all the ladies take their shoes off at the door as they arrive. Put one shoe from each pair into a large bag. During this game, pass the bag around and have each lady pick a shoe out of the bag (not their own). After everyone has a shoe, go around the room and have each lady guess who the shoe they picked belongs to. When they match their shoe with the lady, have them say something specific that they like about that person. Everyone needs and enjoys encouragement, so the best part of this game is when the other ladies start chiming in about what they like about the person, too!
  • “Hum A Little Tune”- Write the names of familiar songs on note cards (I’m planning to play this game during our Christmas party so I’m using Christmas carols; you could use worship songs or hymns from your church service…pick songs everyone will know). Each song should be written on two different note cards. Give each lady a card with a song. The ladies must walk around the room humming their song until they find the other person humming their same song. No words allowed! This game sounds fun in theory…I’ll let you know how it turns out! 🙂
  • We also had some fun theme parties that helped build some interesting memories. We are in Kentucky, so we had a Derby party. I made a refreshing non-alcoholic version of the Derby’s famous mint julep. We watched an internet slide show of all the most outrageous Derby hats. Then we finished our party by decorating our own hats: we had purchased inexpensive straw hats from an online catalog, the ladies all brought their silk flowers, beads, ribbon, lace, and hot glue guns, and we added our own personal touches to our matching hats. Many of us even wore our hats to church the next Sunday! It was classic!

KY Derby Party 2011

What do you do to have fun in your ladies groups? Any good ideas for games? We are about to start a new year and I will need some fresh ideas in the coming months! Feel free to share here!


3 thoughts on “Creative Ideas for Women’s Ministry Mixers

  1. Love love love these ideas!!! I’m SOOO going to use the dress-up idea! That is GREAT! I’m a new pw to our church so we need to get to know each other a little better and these are PERFECT! Just in time for our Christmas party too! One thing I have done is taking little cards and writing strange random items on them like Refrigerator and jellybean etc, then by asking only one question per person, everyone goes around and asks yes/no questions to determine what they are! But it doesn’t end there – then that item becomes their NAME! Each person is given two clothespins stuck to their clothing. If someone catches someone else not using their new “name” they get to take their clothespin – the person with the most clothespins by the end of the event wins :0)


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