Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’ve been planning/wanting/needing to write every single day this last week…yet here I am…the night before Thanksgiving trying to write a blog while cooking/cleaning/watching UK basketball… Multi-tasking at its best! 🙂

With all that is going on I decided to just write a post full of random thoughts tonight to help relieve the guilt over not writing. Don’t worry, though. I have lots of good ideas for posts for next week such as friendships, speaking the truth, no pressure, and “griefing.” What’s “griefing”? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out. For now, my brain is too tired to gather my scattered thoughts and turn them into full-length blogs…For now, here are a few things going on in my brain:

  • Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! My husband just finished injecting his turkey with special sauce and it’s all ready to be deep fried tomorrow. Fried turkey is the BEST! He learned to fry from a Cajun friend of ours when we lived in New Orleans. Once you eat fried turkey you won’t want it any other way. It is truly the bomb-diggity! (Yes. I said bomb-diggity. The computer says I spelled “diggity” wrong. It suggests I change it to “dignity.” Pretty sure that is NOT what it means…)
  • Starting to get in the Christmas mood! I try to go against the flow by avoiding Christmas music as much as possible before Thanksgiving. That’s pretty hard to do since Walmart started playing Christmas music back in September! This year, though, I broke down and have been listening to Christmas music all week. The reason? My husband got tired of hearing me sigh every time I walked through the Christian bookstore, so he broke down and bought me the new TobyMac “Christmas in Diverse City” CD. Nobody rocks like TobyMac! He does the best “Little Drummer Boy” EVER! I played this CD through the sound system at church today while we decorated the building for Christmas. I tried not to blast them out too bad, but we sure did get finished quickly! Everyone works better at the speed of TobyMac!
  • I FINALLY finished writing/organizing/planning our church Christmas program! What a load off my mind! No wonder normal people start writing their program in July…or at least BUY a program in September! But I’m excited about this program. People in the church are starting to get excited about it, too! It’s a very easy program that involves lots of our people dressing in character, reading lines, and singing solos. I may have to post it on my Creative Ministry page… The best part of the program is that more than 50% of our regular church members are taking part! (even for a church as small as ours, this is an amazing thing!)
  • I discovered today that I still DESPERATELY want people to like me…and it still really bothers me when they don’t. Been trying to get past that…gonna focus on the people who do like me and the good things that God is doing in/through/around me right now. So much good stuff is happening! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving service last night, and afterwards no one seemed to want to leave! They were all standing around talking with one another…all the different groups & families mingling with one another, talking about Thanksgiving plans and wishing one another well for the holiday. I just stood back and watched~ thanking our Great God for bringing us all together and making like family once again.
  • Speaking of family….MY MAMA & DADDY ARE COMING TO VISIT TOMORROW!!!!!! As you may have figured out, I live in Kentucky. But my family lives 10 hours away in North Carolina. Due to gas prices and the busy schedule of ministry and life with two kids I have not been able to get down there to see everyone since December of last year. It is the longest stretch of time that I’ve gone without seeing my family. I was feeling pretty down when I figured out that we would not be able to travel over Thanksgiving break. But then my Mama called and said THEY were coming HERE! They will arrive tomorrow late afternoon and will join us at my husband’s parents for a special dinner. My mother-in-law is making enough food to feed an army and is so excited to have extra guests for Thanksgiving. I’m excited to see my Mama & Daddy, to give them hugs, to show them my life, to share our thoughts over endless cups of coffee…it’s gonna be a great couple of days!

So that’s sorta why I haven’t written on my blog a whole lot lately. Cleaning house and cooking for Thanksgiving (& my parents’ visit) has taken up my time, and writing the Christmas program has taken up my energy. Looking forward to a break this weekend…and looking forward to getting back to writing next week! See you then!

Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

PS…Here’s a little taste of some TobyMac Christmas music! Click here to listen!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. Oh girl! I have been reading your blog for several months now-love it! You are so encouraging! My husband went to CIU and I found out about your blog thru a friend from his days there…anywho-just wanted to say: I have been worrying far to much about the people who don’t like me. Your comment referring to focusing more on those that do like you and on what God is doing is very convicting! It is so hard not to be liked, but it seems to go with our territory! My first response is to figure out how to change someone else, when I know I can’t! *SIGH* Have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your parents! WHAT A BLESSING!


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