It’s All In The Presentation

My youngest daughter is becoming quite the master of manipulation…I think part of it comes from her Daddy The Preacher…

The other day she came home from school and began to show me some papers the teacher had graded and returned to her. She pulled one out of the stack and held it up to her chest so I couldn’t see the grade. “Mom!” she said excitedly. “You won’t believe what I made on this paper!” She smiled really big. “I usually do really bad on these math pages because they are so hard, but I really did good on this one! I am so proud of myself!” She was almost bursting with excitement as she turned her paper around and exclaimed: “See? I made an 82!!! I am so excited!” πŸ™‚

The next few moments felt like an out-of-body experience. I watched myself break into a smile, heart filled with pride over my little girl’s accomplishment. As I reached out to hug my precious child I suddenly came to my senses: wait a minute…you normally get straight A’s in math. You haven’t been struggling with any of the new concepts they’ve been teaching you and your math test scores are off the charts! Why am I congratulating you on the lowest B possible?? Why??? Because of her presentation!! She almost suckered me into giving her a prize for doing so much less than her best because of how she told me about it. She makes me laugh…nervously…

I’ve found that in ministry, getting people to be a part of the work is all in the presentation. Every year we can stand before our congregation and beg people to volunteer to work in VBS or the nursery or children’s church and get very low results. However, if we would present it differently I think our results would be different, too. Talk about how exciting it is to be a part of such a vital and life-changing ministry as VBS. Remind people of how easy it is to tell little children about Jesus and how simply reading a story can impact these little ones for eternity. If you don’t have anyone signed up to keep nursery for next month, don’t stand before your people and groan about not having any volunteers. Instead, stand before them with a sign-up list in hand and tell them that there are ONLY 4 SPOTS LEFT and they need to sign up now to get the day that works best for them! It’s all in the presentation! πŸ™‚

At home I remind my girls that they don’t HAVE to practice their music/running/etc, they GET to practice! We don’t focus on how long our list of chores is on Saturdays, we focus on how SHORT it is. We talk about all the good things that we get to do because Daddy is the Preacher instead of all the things we don’t get to do. It’s all in the presentation.

I’m going to do that for Christmas this year, too. Instead of focusing on what everyone else seems to have that we wish we had, I’m going to work on focusing on the good things we do have and those that don’t have such good things…Maybe I’ll blog about that soon…it’s really too long to share right now…besides…I GET to go clean the house! Woohoo!!! Wanna come clean the house with me? It’s gonna be so much fun! We’ll crank up the music, have a piece of chocolate, and turn it into a party! I’ll bet you wanna come now, don’t you? See? It’s all in the presentation! πŸ˜‰



One thought on “It’s All In The Presentation

  1. That stinker! Just like her aunt Hannah!

    Great post Steph. I really love this one! Now you get to tell Kianna that she is FINALLY grown up enough to run power point for your Christmas play!


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