Creative Ministry: Funny Marriage Sketch

With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d share a humorous sketch I wrote for a Valentine’s banquet/dinner theater. Every year we get together to raise money for our youth mission trip, to eat, and to laugh! I love writing the script for this event every year because it is so much fun! No serious point to make. No spiritual application. Just good, clean fun. I love making people laugh! And this sketch did it for sure!

We set the stage to resemble a famous TV family counselor talk show. We had a guy in the church who looked and talked a lot like a famous TV doctor, and several “couples” who made sure to ham up their parts appropriately. Here it is- hope it makes you laugh! 🙂

Dr. Feelgood Valentine Special

#1: Interview with Adam & Eve

Announcer: (off stage) Welcome to a special Valentine edition of Dr. Feelgood. Today Dr. Feelgood will be talking with famous couples from the Bible who are having marital issues. And now here’s Dr. Feelgood!

Dr. Phil: Hello, I’m Dr. Feelgood, but you may call me Dr. Feel. Our first couple today comes to us from the Garden of Eden. Let’s welcome Adam & Eve.

(A&E enter wearing leaves; Eve has plate of dessert)

Dr. Phil: Welcome to the Dr. Feelgood Show. What seems to be the problem?

(Eve keeps trying to feed Adam while he’s talking. Ham this up! Eve should be so persistent that Adam can’t even answer the question at first. Finally he answers in frustration…)

Adam: Well Dr. Feel, for one thing, she keeps trying to get me to eat things that aren’t good for me!

Eve: Well, that’s the only way I can get his attention since we started wearing clothes!

Dr. Feel looks perplexed

Announcer: The Dr. Feelgood Show will be right back after this short break.

(all exit)


#2: Interview with Jacob & Leah

Announcer: We now return to Dr. Feel’s Valentine Special.

Dr. Feel: Let me introduce you to our next couple. Please welcome Jacob & Leah.

J & L enter obviously not happy. Leah is especially distant towards Jacob and he basically ignores her, too.

Dr. Feel: Jacob, Leah, what seems to be the problem?

Leah: Jacob just doesn’t seem to love me and never has.

Jacob: We have quite a few kids. I don’t see what the problem is.

(enter Rachel, Jacob stands to meet her with full interest. They obviously flirt and giggle towards each other)

Leah: I see the problem.

Dr. Feel: And who is this?

Leah: This is my sister Rachel.

Dr. Feel: And why is she a problem?

Jacob: She’s also my wife.

Dr. Feel: Oh, man. I think we need to go to a commercial.

Announcer: The Dr. Feelgood Show will return after this message from our sponsors.

(all exit)

#3: Interview with David & Bathsheba

Announcer: We return now to Dr. Feel’s Valentine Special.

Dr. Feel: That last couple had real issues. Let’s hope we can help this next one. Please welcome David and Bathsheba.

(enter D & B; Bathsheba is wearing robe, shower cap, etc.)

Dr. Feel: What seems to be the problem?

David: Can’t you see? She’s obsessed with cleanliness. All her bathing is driving me crazy!

Bathsheba: It didn’t seem to bother you when we first met.

(Dr. Feel just shrugs)

Announcer: The Dr. Feelgood Show will be right back.

(all exit)


#4: Interview with Ananias & Sapphirah

Announcer: Welcome back to Dr. Feel’s Valentine Special.

Dr. Feel: This next couple is not quite as famous as some of  the others, but maybe their problems won’t be quite so…odd. Please welcome, all the way from Acts chapter 5,  Ananias & Sapphirah.

(A&P enter obviously angry at one another; poking, scowling; even fighting over who sits in what seat)

Dr. Feel: (interrupting their fighting) Well, what seems to be YOUR problem?

Ananias: We don’t have any problems.

Sapphirah: Our marriage is perfect!

(both fall over dead; Dr. Feel shakes his head)

Announcer: The Dr. Feelgood show will return after a short break.

Dr. Feel: Is there a doctor in the house?


#5: Interview with King Solomon

Announcer: We now return to the Dr. Feelgood Show.

Dr. Feel: I’m very excited about our next guest. It is the first time we’ve ever had royalty on our show. Please welcome King Solomon and his wife.

(enter Solomon only)

Dr. Feel: Welcome, Solomon. Where is your wife?

Solomon: The bus is still trying to find a parking space.

Dr. Feel: What do you mean?

Solomon: Well, as you can imagine, it’s hard to get  anywhere on time when you have 300 women fighting  over the mirror.

Dr. Feel: You have 300 wives!?!

Solomon: Yeah, but that’s not my problem.

Dr. Feel: Really? Then what is your problem?

Solomon: It’s all those mother-in-laws!

Dr. Feel: (pause) You know, I think it’s about time for me to retire.

 (all exit)


It you have the room it would be even better to have all the couples sitting on stage on stools or couches while each couple was being interviewed. That way the couple dynamics could be seen during the whole sketch, and the audience would be trying to figure out who each couple is. We only had a tiny stage in the corner of our fellowship hall, so we had each couple enter and exit one at a time. The key to this is timing and having people who are willing to exaggerate their actions to make it funny. Those kind of people are so much fun to work with!

To download a printable version of this sketch click Dr Feel Valentine Special.

What are some other couples Dr. Feel should interview?


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