Taking Time to Smell the Coffee

I love coffee! There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and smelling a fresh pot of coffee brewing.
A couple of years ago, we were going through some rough times at our church. Life was pretty miserable. And every morning when I’d make my pot of coffee I would look at the stack of coffee filters and pray that our life would be better by the time the coffee filters ran out. It sounds kinda silly when I think about it now, but I knew there were 180 filters in the bag. If I make one pot of coffee per day then I hoped that our troubles would be over in less than 180 days. Every morning I would make my coffee and pray for time to move quickly. I remember the day that I used my last coffee filter. My husband came into the kitchen to find me crying.
“What’s wrong, Steph?”
“This is the last coffee filter,” I sobbed.
I’m sure he was quite confused with my emotions. He was probably thinking, “Well, just put it on the grocery list and we’ll buy some more…what’s the big deal?”
But to me it felt like God had not answered my prayers for rescue. It reminded me that it had been 180 days and life was still pretty miserable. I was depressed. I felt hopeless. The future lay before me as an endless number of days without purpose or direction.
Then Jeff bought me a Keurig coffee maker. You know, the kind that makes one cup at a time…and DOESN’T USE FILTERS?! I think he was trying to avoid another morning meltdown. But God used it to remind me that the future is in His hands. I am called to take things one day at a time and leave the future to Him. His promises remain true and He continues to answer prayer, even if it’s not in my time schedule. Life is less miserable now. God has not delivered me the way I wanted Him to, but He has brought hope and joy back into my life by reminding me that I need to live each day for Him instead of just enduring each day in order to move on to something I think is better.

“Because He lives I can face tomorrow… Because I know He holds the future…And life is worth the living just because He lives!”

So today I’m not fretting about the future. Today I’m sipping my coffee and enjoying the moments that God has given me today.



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