Here Comes The Train!

For the past 6 years my daughters have played in a local community softball league every summer. It’s a “just for fun” league where everybody plays and coaches teach basic skills and sportsmanship. They love every minute of it. The field is owned by a church and is located directly beside active railroad tracks. One of the funniest parts of every game is when a train goes by. When my girls were in t-ball, every kid on the team would stop and watch the train go by. It wouldn’t matter what was going on in the game, what the coaches or parents said, or how long it took, the entire game would come to a stop while the kids watched in awe as the train rumbled past.

As my girls have grown, the train’s effect has changed. While the preschoolers would stand in awe, the elementary kids will stand in the field and wave until the conductor blows the whistle. Once they get a whistle, the game can continue. The middle school teams, however, barely even glance at the train when it makes its appearance. It’s sad, really. I miss the days where the train was a big deal…even though it made the games go so much more slowly.

Sometimes I wish my faith was more childlike so that when God’s presence is made known that it would totally disrupt the routine of my life. I know it would take more time from our busy schedule, but wouldn’t it be cool if every time He showed up we would take a minute to just stand in awe of His power and the fact that He would grant us the joy of His presence? But sometimes I find my awe fading into complacency until I no longer rejoice or even notice when He moves through my life.

God’s presence is amazing, awesome, powerful, life-changing! I want to just stand in awe of Him as He moves in my life and in the world around me today…just like in t-ball when the train rolls through. 🙂

PS…Sorry my writing has been so sporadic these days…between summer fun, VBS, and ball games there hasn’t been much time to sit down and write. But I sure do miss writing and I have lots of fun things to share…so look forward to more posts coming soon! In the meantime, I hope you’re having a great summer! 🙂



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