Road Trip Retreat Adventures- Part 1

Last week I was blessed to be able to go to the Leading & Loving It Retreat for pastor’s wives and women in ministry. It was an amazing financial feat but God provided by giving me a successful yard sale, giving others a heart for PW’s so that a scholarship was available to me, and giving a teacher vertigo so I could work extra… sorry Ms. Sherritt… 🙂

Not only did God provide for me financially, He also provided special friendships along the way. He gave me a sweet group of ladies from Louisville to travel with (more about them later). He gave me a wonderfully fun roommate who made me laugh and made me think, who was easy to talk to, fun to hang out with, and didn’t mind my nervous chatter. God also gave me a table full of ladies placed there to listen to and encourage me, and He let me meet several online friends and allowed them to become real friends… now we’re not just friends in our heads anymore! How sweet is that?!

Me & my wonderful roomie, Evelyn!

We were treated like royalty with lots of give aways, door prizes, and special treats. Every time we entered a new session we received books, cd’s, Bible studies, and other treats to take home with us. We completely overran this really cute cupcake store down the street because they made the mistake (or was it a brilliant marketing move) of giving all of us ladies “Buy-one-get-one-free” cupcake coupons. We had a Mad Hatter tea party complete with crazy hats and brownies that said “Eat Me” and coffee or tea that said “Drink Me” a la Alice in Wonderland. A movie promoter brought us a new faith-based movie to preview and, along with it, included popcorn, cracker jacks, and cokes! One afternoon was spent at the “county fair,” complete with delicious bbq, a three-legged race, blind-folded musical chairs, and tons of sweet tea. But mostly these three days were filled with laughter, support, encouragement, conversations, and a deep sense of community. I. am. not. alone.

Cute cupcakes & beautiful friends!

I learned so many valuable lessons during the retreat. I can’t wait to share them all with you in the next couple of weeks. But because my brain is so packed with information that I cannot even begin to write it all down…so I will just end with a couple of pictures and get back to writing again later. 🙂

Me & Toni- not just pretend friends anymore!

Howdy from OKC!

My fabulous friends from table 15


5 thoughts on “Road Trip Retreat Adventures- Part 1

    • It has been one of my life-saving discoveries…connecting with other pastor’s wives has been amazing! Praying that God gives you some sweet connections as well as special strength and grace as you go through your week.


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