Ever Wish You Were Invisible?

Ever wish you were invisible? Sometimes I do…

Sometimes it’s difficult being a pastor’s wife in a small town. A couple of weeks ago I was in our local Wal-mart shopping for…umm…balconetteunderclothes. I was standing in the “unmentionables” section trying to decide between a racerback (isn’t that a college mascot?) and a balconette (possibly the little porch on the top floor of antebellum houses?) when an older gentlemen from our church spotted me. He made a beeline to me and immediately struck up a conversation, apparently immune to the scantily clad models on the labels surrounding me.  It was quite awkward, especially when I looked down and realized that in my hands was a bra labeled “Extreme Pushup for Enhanced Cleavage.” My mortified blush was obvious to everyone but this kind man who took that opportunity to carry on a perfectly normal conversation in spite of the glow on my face.

This is not an isolated experience. Life as a small town PW is filled with moments when you find yourself unexpectedly scrutinized. People want to know where I shop and what movies I’ve seen. They follow me on Facebook, read my posts & comments, and click on the links I share. They know what time I go to bed because they can see if my lights are one. They know when my kids miss school because their kids ride the same bus. They know if I don’t feel like cooking supper because they see me at the Dollar General in my pj’s buying a frozen pizza on a busy night.

When the stress of the scrutiny and the pressure to perform starts to get to me, I refocus my attention back on my Audience of ONE. I remind myself of this word from Paul:

Dear brothers and sisters, pattern your lives after mine, and learn from those who follow our example.  Phil. 3:17

The lyrics from one of my newest favorite songs also remind me of this truth:

If people walk with me, talk with me, looking for truth; they’re gonna find out soon: If they’re following me, then, they’re gonna follow You.

That’s what I want: for my life to cause others to walk closer to Christ. Makes me not mind people watching me so much…though I will probably be buying my underwear online from now on! 😉

Ever had an embarrassing experience as a small town PW? Leave a comment so we can laugh together! Want to hear more from my newest favorite song? Here’s a link to the video:

Moriah Peters “Well Done”

PS… The video at the bottom of the page is not mine…it’s an ad…you can just ignore it and click on the link above to see the real video. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ever Wish You Were Invisible?

  1. Oh, I can relate. I have been stuck in those long conversations when I have just run to the store to pick up feminine products on a couple of occasions. And I have also gotten in line to check out purchasing a pregnancy test when the cashier was a member of our congregation. Fortunately he asked no questions. Unfortunately, the test was negative.


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