By Myself But Not Alone

I did something new today: I participated in my first ever “virtual 5K.” No… that doesn’t mean I got online and watched other people run 3.12 miles… I actually got out and did my own race all by myself… but I was not alone.

It looks like I’m running all alone, doesn’t it? But I’m not…

It looks like I’m running all alone, doesn’t it? But I’m not…

My husband deemed himself my official race photographer and followed my entire route on his bike. He helped me watch for cars, took lots of pictures, and was a constant source of encouragement. Also, on the same day I was running my race in Spottsville, hundreds of other pastor’s wives and women in ministry were also running the same race in their own cities around the world. So even though I couldn’t see them running beside me I knew we were doing this thing together…and that was motivation to keep going. There was one point in my run where I felt very alone. I was tired, there was a big hill in front of me, and I was ready to quit. That’s when God spoke to me saying “Don’t give up! I’m with you. I will give you strength. You are not alone!” Of course, he used the voice of Nicole C. Mullins and a bit of Scripture put to song to speak but it was His voice nonetheless. 🙂  God’s encouragement gave me the spark I needed to keep pressing on and finish this race that I had started.


The Bible compares our life to a race. When I’m running this race of being in ministry it’s easy to get discouraged and feel as if I’m all alone. But then I look to my right and see my amazing husband serving along-side me. We have different roles and different gifts but we have the same calling. We are on the same team! God has given us to each other to support one another so that neither one of us has to do this life alone. I’m so thankful for that gift!

Me & My Photographer

Me & My Photographer

I’m also thankful for my fellow pastor’s wives who are running their own race while cheering me on in my race, too. These ladies come from different backgrounds and denominations, our lives and ministries look nothing alike, and we’re spread out from Canada to New Zealand, DC to California, Las Vegas to Spottsville, but because of God and His goodness we are united in one sisterhood of women serving Him together. When I feel alone in ministry they are just a phone call, text or email message away. I’m thankful for this group of ladies who are genuinely doing life in ministry together and who have encouraged me to be a pastor’s wife who is “Leading & Loving It.”

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Sometimes when we are running this race of life we face some really difficult struggles. We get tired and overwhelmed and even feel like quitting. We don’t want to burden our husbands and we’re not sure we want to admit our struggles to our friends. So we try to carry the weight ourselves…only to realize that we’re not strong enough. That’s when we most need to turn our hearts to God and His promises. He will be with you. He will strengthen you. He will never leave you! Fill your heart & mind with these truths. Repeat them. Rehearse them. Remind yourself of God’s word over and over until it sticks! You will not be disappointed.


As you run your race (whether it’s life in ministry or simply a 5K) work as a team with your husband, find a group of women in ministry who can provide you with the friendship and support you need, and draw near to God. It might seem like you’re all by yourself…but you are not alone!


The REAL story behind the  pictures...

The REAL story behind the pictures…


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