Not What I Expected

We were traveling one day and decided to stop for a sweet treat mid-way through the drive. As we sat in the drive-thru lane on a hot summer day the girls were thrilled to hear me order Frosty’s for everyone! What we got, however, was not what we expected.

These frosty’s were so small that I let the girls go ahead and eat them before they ate their lunch… I figured it wouldn’t likely spoil their appetite… 🙂


Trying to have a good attitude about the world's smallest frosty

Trying to have a good attitude about the world’s smallest frosty

It's not working

It’s not working

When I was a senior in high school we had to share our future plans. I boldly told my entire school, family, and basically anyone who would listen, that my plans were to graduate from college in 4 years and return to my alma mater to teach high school math and coach girls basketball. I saw my high school principal a couple of months ago and he asked me when I was coming back to teach & coach in North Carolina… Well… that was 20 years ago. Today I’m a pastor’s wife serving God in my church in western Kentucky…guess things didn’t turn out exactly like I expected, huh?

Sometimes our expectations lead to disappointment. We expect to get married & have kids, we expect that everyone will love and respect us when we step into the role of pastor’s wife, we expect to receive more than a shot glass amount of delicious frosty when ordering the value size… We have our own ideas and plans and assumptions about how things will be, but when things don’t turn out like we expect, we may find ourselves disappointed, frustrated, and even disgusted with the results. Often, however, God has something much better in store than our own plans.


I know if I had been one of Jesus’ disciples walking around with him day after day, watching him heal the sick, feed the poor, and raise the dead, I certainly would not have been expecting things to end the way they did. I would have expected someone with such spiritual wisdom to be loved by everyone- especially religious leaders. I would have expected someone who could heal the sick and feed the poor to become king- or at least a powerful leader. I would have expected that the One who raised the dead would refuse to die…

Jesus’ death on the cross was not what was expected- but it was definitely what was needed!


Thank You, LORD, for going beyond my expectations and giving me something even better! (But if you could make my Frosty a little bigger next time, that would be great, too!) 🙂



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