Ceilings & Floors

“How long have y’all been in ministry?” people ask us. “Well…” we answer “it’s a little hard to say.” You see, Jeff has been a full-time pastor for almost 17 years, but before that he was a traveling evangelist…and before that he was a youth leader…and before that he was a preacher’s kid who watched his mom & dad do ministry together just about since he was born. He learned so many things simply from watching his parents- things that his fellow seminarians had to learn the hard way.

My parents were not pastors, but we were still in full-time ministry. Serving in the Christian school as well as in our local church gave lots of opportunities to learn & grow as God prepared me for life as a pastor’s wife.  Opportunities like being the first to arrive & the last to leave, navigating various groups within the group, cleaning toilets… all the important things they don’t teach you in Bible college. 🙂

Jeff & I both were raised by godly parents who taught us right from wrong, where to find the answers to life’s questions, the fact that God loves us unconditionally, and how to live by faith. We were blessed to have parents that challenged us not only to live our lives completely sold out to Christ, but also to love God deeper, know Him greater & serve Him even more boldly than they had in their own experience. And that’s what we want for our daughters. We want them to go even beyond what we’ve experienced in our relationship with God.

The other day I was speaking with a Christian leader and he was asking about our girls and their service in the church. I was telling him about how both girls already serve in ministry according to their gifts and talents- and they’re only 12 & 15! He was amazed! And then he made the following statement that has stuck with me: “Your ceiling is their floor!”Um… what? Thankfully he went on to explain that he meant that our girls are following in our footsteps but that they have the privilege of starting even further along the road than we did. I like that!

Isaac Newton is attributed to saying “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” I could change that to be true in my life by saying “If I have gone further it is because I am standing on the shoulders of giants.” I am thankful for the giants in my life… and that they’re letting me stand on their shoulders.  And I’m thankful that my girls are choosing to stand on our shoulders as well. Can’t wait to see how much farther they will go!

Whose shoulders are you standing on?



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